Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fast Unto Death...

India has Anna Hazare and what do we have? We have Baban Singh, a criminal turned CA member who has decided to begin his fast sast against corruption. This is probably the biggest joke of the year hola.

Baban was in the 'most wanted list' but he got elected thanks to his 'goonda-giri' and our cops even failed to arrest him while he was busy eating samosa and chiya after he took his oath soath and I have no idea why he is still a CA member kya.

Like every other neta, he now has his own 'eight-point' demands and he wants the government to investigate them ghoos-khori in his district rey.

And what's wrong with our journalists and them civil society wallahs?... they have also supported his fast rey. I guess Baban must have paid them patrakars and so-called civic leaders in his district.

Baban says he is inspired by Anna Hazare. Well, Anna is not a crook. He is a 'Gandhi' wallah... Baban is a daku. Baban tells us that he is a changed man and now believes in them non-violence approach.. way to go Baban! I don't think he will win another general election again because without them bullets and bundle of notes... it will be very hard for him to get elected again kya.

Let us not blame Baban or make fun of his natak. Prabhu Sah, our land sand mantri (used to be a law mantri before) is wanted for murder surder but our honest government is not interested to charge him kya.

Yestai taal ho bhaney tuh .... the Election Commission must come out with them new 'eligibility' requirements hola hagi. Like... If you don't have a criminal case filed against you then you are not eligible to stand up for election kya.

Neta haroo nai chor daka, police pani chor .... chor nai chor ko raaj .... yesta lay constitution lekhya lekhai ho!

Our Mao-buddies and the Kangaroos are now back trying to make them deals. The Mao. Inc is loaded with cash, criminals and also competing factions hehe... Every other parties have their own criminals and factions but they are very low on cash rey.

And our comrades have promised our congressis... crores (50-100 rey) and an opportunity to make some money while they lead the government after the CA ko term ends. Sujata auntie really wants her fellow congressis to take the deal.

Sher B. Deuba wants to be a prime-monster again ... and the grand old party needs some cash soon or else they might have to lease out their party building to some party palace wallah... hehe!
Even the UMLs are broke rey. And the Eh-Maleys are sulking in the corner because the comrades have decided to hook up with the congressis!

Sabai paisa ko nai khel... our politicians are for sale kya... and when them media wallahs write about them meeting seating between our political parties... it's just some natak, probably haggling over the price... ani comrade kati karod diney ni haam-lai ... yesto po kura hooncha tyee meeting haroo ma!

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