Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize...

The 'Nobel Prize' season is here. Three brave women were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their nonviolent role in promoting peace, democracy and gender equality. Maybe our comrades should take note hagi.

Yes, you can bring changes by singing, praying and bringing people together kya.... so all them shooting, looting and booting achieved nothing for the people but of course it did help to earn or steal a few billion Rupees for our comrades ni.

Sorry.... it wasn't stealing kyaaruh.. in Maoist lingo chahi... it is 'transferring' ... hehe!

The winners were President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and peace activist Leymah Gbowee from Liberia and Tawakkol Karman, the Yemeni human rights activist.

I guess them 'Nobel' wallahs have finally came to their senses.... even though I like Obama very much... I have no idea how and why did they give him the 'Peace' prize kya?

And the Nobel thing has become like the Oscars. You could like bribe and ask people to nominate you and then shower them influential folks with gifts and arse-kissing... yes, we have had a few 'Peace' prize winners who bought the damn thing ... hehe!

In the award's 110 year old history, very few women have won the award. So, this year we should all thank them 'Nobel' committee for honoring these women who are not only fighting for women's rights but for the rights of their fellow citizens, male , female and others... as well.

One of the winner, Ms. Karman is only 32, a mother of three, and she took to the streets in Yemen to demand the resignation of the chor-President Saleh. Yes, the Amrikans talk about democracy but they seem to like them dictators kya.

Before it was them communists, and now it's them Islamic terrorists.. we even got like 20 million dollars from Bush when our comrades were busy blowing up stuff... well, Mubarak had to leave his palace... abuh kas kasko paali ho kunni?

The Arab world is different. It is more brutal and violent and not like our andolans, where we do them chakka jaams and daang doong for three weeks and we change our 'players' so that they can do the same dance moves like the previous clown.

The Liberian women have shown the world that women despite all obstacles can lead the peace process and it's been nine years and Liberia is slowly picking up its pieces but the country has e
xperienced sustained peace whereas here in Nepal, we are led by men who only think about getting a piece of the pie ... they would probably fail at them English spelling contest hagi.

Hami bhan-chau 'peace', uni haroo ko kaan ma chahi 'piece piece' hola ni.

What can we learn from them Liberian women? Them women, both Muslim and Christians came together and sang and prayed and said 'enough' .... to all them 'nataks' by men who were killing each other for nothing. Abuh hamra didi bahini haroo sadak ma naw-aye samma kehi hoonay wala chaina hola.

Maybe, it's time we got rid of our grumpy old men and gave our women the opportunity to bring closure to this peace process and integration nataks.

What can we learn from them winners? You don't need to blow up bridges, people and places and everything you don't like ... to bring changes. Maybe our Mao-buddies should learn a thing or two. Peaceful revolution pani possible rahecha ni... and even though they don't want to admit it but their 10 year 'daang-doong' natak accomplished nothing.

It was the people who took to the streets during 2006 and demanded changes. Gyanu uncle wasn't worried about the Maoists or them morons (the other political parties) but when you have hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens (not political cadres) singing for change and defying them curfews... then even them security forces can't go on a rampage, shooting everyone ni.

So, Baburam dai and friends... please stop taking credit for everything... baroo if you want to take credit then please do so for all the mess that we are in. Our comrades spent all those years destroying them schools, health posts, bridges and what not... and now we are spending billions of Rupees, re-building them and all them tender sender contracts sabai afnai chamcha lai parney tuh ho ni!

And our so-called other political parties haroo... enjoyed the loot after the so-called '2046' ko andolan... and maybe our Maoists wanted a piece but nobody was willing to give them some .. so they came up with their nautanki '40-point' maag saag and when nobody listened... they began their "People's War" and here we are ... our buddies still act like they are at war kya.

Whatever happened to that natak? Well, the Mao buddies are here and I guess they have forgotten why they started all that daang doong in the first place.... if it was only for them SUVs and jagga sagga then they should have asked our car dealers and real estate wallahs ni... not destroy them villages and kill low-level government employees and ordinary citizens... hoinuh ruh?

The funny thing is that all them thulo-mancheys are all alive and kicking and making deals and adding their so-called enemies on them Facebook 'friends list' kya. 13,000 + folks died for nothing... it's the same old 13 jackasses and their chamchas who are enjoying the loot!

Our netas will continue to steal and share the loot because we know that they are not really serious about writing the constitution. It looks like we will all have to take to the streets and show our chor-netas how we feel and maybe our women should lead the new andolan.

Let us show them that a revolution need not be violent and no 'dhoonga' daance.. we will sing, we will pray and we will make sure that Prachadnoo doesn't get his 'Black Label' delivered to his palace... then he will go crazy ni and maybe he will finally do the right thing than just being a 'dalal' for his foreign handlers! Ye.. maybe Mr. Dahal should change his last name hola.... hehe!

So, come December (Nov 30th is the last day of our CA)... get ready for a 'peaceful' revolution .... this might be our final chance to let our netas know that they don't have the right to screw it up and make us, millions of hardworking folks suffer while their chamchas and cousins enjoy the good life kya.

“We cannot build our country or any country in the world without peace,” that's what Ms. Karman said and she is right.... so let us remind our netas this December that we want 'peace' and we didn't vote for them so that they could enjoy a 'piece' kya!

Yes, most of them did not go to private schools but they can always ask their kids who did go to one... to tell them the difference hoinuh ruh?

We really thought them Maoists would be different... they would hang them corrupt folks and fight for them common citizens... but lastuh ma tuh uni haroo pani chor nai rahecha.

If then prime-monster, Prachandoo had visited South Africa first and asked for some advice from Mandela then maybe he would have understood what reconciliation means and maybe we could have had followed South Africa's 'Truth and Reconciliation' Commission' model ni.

But, no... our 'Dalal' had to go to Beijing because he really wanted to watch the closing ceremoney of them Olympics rey. Prachandoo will never win the Nobel Peace Prize... arko 5 barsa ma, them Mao buddies will be like our UMLs... fokatey ko communists who are closet-capitalists hehe!

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