Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magic Tricks

Our comrade chairman, Prachandoo sure does know about sacrifice and stuff. He even has Elton John's 'Sacrifice' on his iPod rey kya. Anyways, Prachandoo sarkar never fails to remind us that he really did sacrifice (what?) or was it more of a 'you take the job' and I will stab you in the back ni.

Prachandoo became our first 'Republic' ko Prime-Monster and he resigned because he didn't know what he was doing. Yes, he blamed it on them Army general but I think he was just scared that things were going nowhere and his cadres would blame him for all them nataks.

If Prachandoo was really into it and wanted to wrap things up then we wouldn't have two buffoons from the UML as our Prime-Monsters ni. Makune became our official ribbon cutter and so did the 'Slapped' one. And what did they accomplish? Nothing!

Well, they got them free 'SUVs', free fuel and security and bhatta and will continue to waste our money by getting state benefits for the rest of their lives. We have had four team captains so far and none of them seem to have the courage and determination to move things forward.

Poor Baburam.... he may be an honest geek but he and his chums have made the deal with the Forum wallahs and our Madeshi leaders are on a 'ghoos-khaaney' rampage. None of our politicians seem to be interested to write the constitution.... for them, it's all about the money kya.

And Prachandoo sarkar is now going around them places and talking about 'black' magic... hehe! He tells us that nominating Dr. Saheb as our Prime Minister was like a magic act. And the comrades have been doing magic and will continue to do that rey.

So, we have been lied to ... all this tyam ki kya ho? If our comrades think all this nataks are some magic tricks then @#$!... we are not really impressed, are we?

Time is running out... we have like a month and why aren't our CA members worried kya? It's like these clowns really don't care... and hami pani tyestai.... baal matlab hagi!

Baburam dai wil be visiting India soon. Hope he will have fun with his JNU pals and of course meet them Desi netas and neti-nis. Then he will probably go to China and teach them Chinese comrades a class or two about 'Mao' hola ni... hehe!

Anyways, if Prachandoo sarkar thinks he is a magician then he should join a Desi circus troupe or something. Yes, he did trick them Desis to give him shelter and what not ... during his 'NRN' days.. hehe! He did trick them UNMIN wallahs.... and he even bragged about inflating them 'combatant' numbers to his cadres and was enjoying his own jokes.

I think Prachandoo would make a great stand up comedian. He is telling us the jokes but none of us find it funny but where are the hecklers? Well, he has promised not to shoot anyone. He didn't shoot Baburam ... that's what he said.. so don't be afraid to heckle .... and if we don't start now .... it will be too late kya!

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