Monday, October 24, 2011

Tihar is here...

Abuh feri Tihar soo-roo... I like Tihar more than Dashain ... I think we all do hagi! Baburam dai is back from India. He got all emotional @ JNU rey. Yes, I feel the same whenever I go back to my school.

If Baburam hadn't gone to JNU then he would just be another professor and maybe would have designed a few buildings here and there hola. JNU is like .. I don't know UC Berkeley (in the 60s) hola ni.

Comrade chairman promised us that he would get everybody to follow his 'final' plan after Dashain... abuh Tihar nai ayee-sakyo. Now, we will have to wait another week while we feed our cows, crows, dogs and then the Goddess of wealth and not to forget Bhai Tika!

I hope our neta haroo ko sisters will ask their brothers to do the right thing instead of screwing us over and over again kya. Baroo tyee didi bahini haroo lay bhai tika nai boycott gawr-dey kaso hola? Ani yeso koo-cho lay pani tha-ta-ye hoon-thyo ni tyee chor neta dai bhai haroo lai?

I will be in Pokhara ... and I might not post daily... the 'daily' ritual has already been broken ... hehe! From November onwards, I plan to write what you want me to write... hehe!

Bhanna khojya chai... if somebody wants me to write about the best momo in town or anything , be it religion, samosas, Prachandoo's mustache etc then please use the comment section below!

Give me a topic and I will try to write something about it. I will start this thing from November... so if you are the first one reading this, then you can write 'November 1st: How to walk from Thamel to Indrachowk in less than 2 minutes' etc... hehe.. then the arko saathi or saathi-ni can send me a topic for November 2nd and so on hai.

Yes, this is a new bet thing going on with my friend feri.... I will do this until December end and let's see what happens after that hai.

And hamro Nepal Army is sending a bunch of their folks to Iraq. NA has been doing this 'UN peacekeeping' stuff since 1958 and we have like thousands of soldiers around the world trying to bring peace to them war-zones.

They get paid like 1,000 dollars a month or something ani tyo pani, army ko welfare fund lay 20-22% kaat-cha. And our army generals get to enjoy and so do their wives kya... tyehi welfare fund ko paisa yeta otta gardai...

My 'Major' friends make like 15,000 Rupees a month. Abuh tyo paisa lay kay khaney ho Kathmandu ma? So if they do get to go to them UN peacekeeping missions for a year or two then they bring home 10-15 lakhs. Some buy a second-hand Santro, some buy 3-4 anna jagga in the outskirts of the valley etiyaadi.

I think we should send the whole 'PLA' folks to some peacekeeping mission somewhere in the world. They can play 'soldier' and make 10-15 lakhs instead of using our money or asking bideshis to pitch in for their 'goodbye' package ni.

I sometimes feel sorry for our security personnel. Them generals and DIGs enjoy life like our Shree Tins and use them soldiers as their personal slaves. Our politicians use our security personnel the same way and it's about tyam, Baburam dai looked into this and seriously reform the police service kya.

What about the army? Well, the bo-lai kho-wai is pretty good in the army. Everybody speaks like 'Rana' cousins... hehe! But like every other institutions, maathi tuh politics bhayee halcha ni.

Baburam dai, I am too lazy to send you an email but please come up with 'Mind Your Language' for our cops hai. Why are them men in blue swearing like sailors (we don't have a navy ni) and who gives them the right to harass, torture and abuse us kya?

Baburam dai will win our hearts and minds if he comes out with a 'code of conduct' for our police-wallahs as well. Ministers haroo tuh dekhi halyo ni... they still run around Kathmandu, blazing hem sirens and what not. Abuh police wallah ko taal pani tyehi tuh hola ni... even if someone comes out with them new rules and regulations kya.

Or maybe we can send our police-wallahs back to school or maybe ask our army wallahs to teach them how to speak. I really don't like the 'Khai-see-wos, Laagai-see-wos' language but it's better to hear them cops say, 'Tapai bike batuh jhaari-see-wos' rather than 'Saaley, *** ko choro, bike batuh jhar gadha kukoor' hoinuh ruh?

My friends tell me that I am wrong but I still think that if it weren't for them police brutalities ... not many folks would have joined our Mao-buddies during them "People's War" kya. Our police-wallahs haven't changed a bit in the last 20 years!

Them constables are now hawal-daars hola but how come the 'new' ones act and behave the same kya? Or is Nepal Police only hiring 'chors' and folks who were never taught to act and speak like 'civilized' human beings?

Lau .. Aja lai yeti nai... jado soo-roo bhayo... raati chahi jacket sacket lagai yeruh hid-noo hola... or hidi-see-wos.. hehe!


  1. here's something i thought of after reading ur post and i think many of us today don't have it even the educated ones
    November 1st: civic sense/etiquette (in nepal ofcourse :/)... {or if u find this topic blah.. u can just skip it, mayb i'll come up with something before dec :P}

  2. seems like i've missed NOV 1, here it goes for NOV 2, things to do in Nepal(in relation to those who migrate to overseas and forget about things one can do in Nepal)
    (i've tried to post this comment earlier as well so if its posted more than once, my sincere apologies)

  3. Nov 3.: 10 things that needs to be changed to really "change" Nepal.