Thursday, October 27, 2011

Michael Learns to Rock

MLTR used to be huge back in the 90s.... Nepal ma! I guess them ODC network folks should bring all them 'Euro-Trash' wallahs every other month. I am probably the last of the Mohicans to listen to all them 'Singaporean' tapes we used to get from them New Road pasals hehe!

Tyeti bela ko band sand bhanya ... WHAM (George Micheal is now busy either pissing bato ma or asking for some favors at them bathrooms hehe!), Modern Talking , A-Ha etiyaadi.. hehe! Bon Jovi used to be huge those days.... then we all discovered them kuires who dressed up in tights and had long hair hola ni.

Harek Duesi Bhailo ma tuh sabai Guns N Roses ko nai geet hoonthyo... taruh final geet chahi feri 'Maya Meri Maya' nai ho kya!

Then came tyo movie... 'Doors' and everybody wanted to look like Jim Morrison. I once went to Bhrikuti Mandap to see this Amriki Band called 'US Band' ... gaye pachi po tha-ha bhayo.. hamro Darjeeling ka dai haroo ko 'Unity of Soul' band po rahecha. But they were pretty good and the only song I remember from that night chahi.. KISS ko 'I was made for loving you' hehe!

Anyways, lets get back to the 'MLTR' story. The concert is on November 19th rey. And if you hurry... you have until tomorrow (Oct 28th) to get them discounts. They have silver, gold, platinum and VVIP tickets rey.

If you are a VVIP then please prepare to pay 10 grand for a ticket. Abuh yo Tundikhel ma soontala ruh badaam naw-kha-yeruh kay MLTR ko bhajan soon-ney bhanya. Anyways, I have no idea who can afford them 10 grand wallah tickets. I can't but I am not going anyway because I don't remember their songs ahiley tuh.

I think if them event wallahs bring 'New Kids on the Block' here in Kathmandu... some kind of a reunion tour thing then all them 90s girls would gladly (or threaten their hubbies to) pay 20 grand to attend hola. Tyeti bela tuh if you were out on a date (tyehi Bakery Cafe ma tuh ho ni) then you would have to tell the girl that NKOTB were really cool or else you wouldn't get the opportunity to hold hands kya.

I think the ODC folks are catering to the 30+ folks... most of them are now managers at them banks or make at least 20K a month ni. I think if they really want to make money and give us all a good tyam then invite Bob Marley ko choro, Ziggy and his band kya.

We do have lot of 'rasta' folks in Kathmandu. Some are 60 and some are in their 20s ni.... tyo chahi babaal hooncha hola hagi! We already have them 'Blues' and 'Jazz' festivals ... abuh why not them 'Reggae' festival ni.

I am not attending them '90s' wallah ko concert anytime soon .... tyeti bela aako bhaye tuh ghar ko VCR nai bechey-ruh gayee-nthyo hola ni... hehe!

Anyways, if you are going then have fun hai but don't forget to follow them event wallah ko terms and conditions ... yes, just like in them 'Bryan' dai ko natak kya.

Here are them conditions hai:

1. Children below 4 feet in height won't be allowed rey. But if you are 30 and only 3ft and 11 inches then what.... is this a freaking roller coaster ride ki kay ho?

2. Pregnant women are also not allowed. Yes, according to them scientists, your hoonay wallah kid should listen to Mozart dai not MLTR hehe.

3.Individuals under the influence of drugs or liquor haroo pani banned rey. So are them event wallahs getting them breathalyzers to test on them folks? Ani drug test ko laagi chai kay.. instant pee-o-meter hola ni?

4. Persons with severe heart or medical condition haroo pani naw-gaye hooncha.... I think them doctors from Norvic will be on standby hola to test everyone if they have some kind of a 'heart' condition.

5. Ani prohibited items chahi: You can't take them recording devices or professional cameras rey. Maybe just get a 'Press' pass from some dailies and kiching all the pictures hehe. And please don't bring weapons hai. This is not a bar and we don't have cowboys in Nepal... so no gunfights please!

And no glass, cans, plastic bottles or food rey. Lau abuh vitrai kinney holan tuh sabai paani, khana etiyaadi. Or just eat tons of dal bhat masoo before you go to the concert. The door opens at 2pm and the show ends around 9pm rey. So don't go hungry feri you will be foolish kya.

And no smoking as well because the event wallahs support 'Nepal Cancer Society' rey... but will them electric ciggies do? I don't know.... but once again them bankers and INGO wallahs will be rocking and will again call me up and say, 'you missed all the fun, dude!'


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