Saturday, October 1, 2011

No Work No Pay.....

Labor unions are cash cows for our political parties and if they need to do them bandhs and chakka jaams then they can always ask or (force) them union members to start pounding the street with them latthis and dhoonga soonga!

Once again, them trade union wallahs and our byaparis have signed them agreement. Yes, every year these two parties sign them deals but jahiley pani arko natak soo-roo honcha.

The unions promise to not strike for at least four years whereas them byaparis will pay them minimum wage rey. The current minimum wage for Nepal is 6,200.00 Rupees.

I guess that applies only to them factories and thulo businesses whereas restaurants and them retail outlets at them malls pay like 3,000 for them workers. Now you know why them sales girls at them shopping malls are all grumpy.. they can't even afford a decent khaja because their pay sucks.

While them major trade unions from the 'three stooges' group have agreed to this new deal, the other Madeshi and even the Maoist trade unions (they have three... hehe!) are not happy and they won't sign the deal rey.

It's not only them thulo factory sactory haroo... even them local businesses suffer from them union problems. Fire & Ice is like the best restaurant for them pizza and Italian khana in Thamel.

It's been here since 1995. A few years ago, it was closed down by the Mao-trade union because they wanted better pay and what not. Fire & Ice ma average salary is like 12 grand... Unique Fast Food Cafe ma chahi 4 hajaar... taruh pani hamra union wallahs are not happy.

And recently, it was closed down again ( but this time by the management) because the hooligans manhandled them workers rey. Yes, the Italian lady is minting money and she has already made ten times her investment but she took the risk to invest in Nepal ni.

So if she had lost all her investment then would them union wallahs pitch in to save her business? Some union arseholes even kicked out them owners from them restaurants in Thamel and started running them places and they failed.

I guess these union jackasses now know that it's better to do some daang doong and ask for dashain kharcha than close down the place or try to be a business owner. If it was that easy then everybody would start their own business ni.

Well, Fire & Ice is open for business again and this Dashain, if you are tired of them khasi-bhaat then go to Fire & Ice for some pizza hai. And the wait staff are all friendly and nice... they got rid of them few 'grumpy' ones who were trying to start a wrestling match there.

So if you ever go to a restaurant in Kathmandu and notice that the waiter is acting like a jackass and he really doesn't care then just figure out that he is a union-guy and probably some wannabe neta.

Don't be all mad and go crazy. Either leave the restaurant and go somewhere else or just ask the guy if he is suffering from piles and you can recommend him some witch doctor or some RamDev baba's dance moves.

The problem in Nepal is that if you hire someone, it's pretty difficult to fire him especially if he or she belongs to them unions. Our trade union wallahs think that the business owner is the devil but I guess they don't understand that one takes a lot of risks with his or her own money soney to even try to see if that business works.

Yes, them big corporate houses submit fake VAT bills, steal electricity and don't pay their employees on tyam. They also pay off our netas and get massive loans from them banks. Then they either drive their business to the ground and not pay their loans or make tons of money and still, not pay their loans ... hehe!

Now, this new agreement ma chai... the employers can fire their workers and not pay them if they don't show up. Them trade union wallahs say, 'only for genuine cases' .... and they get to decide that hola ni.

Whenever there is a labor dispute, our byaparis do not seek legal route, they would rather go to them netas or pay off the trade union leader to solve them problems. Our netas and them union goondas are like viruses. Abuh anti-virus software nai chaina ani kay garney tuh?

I think we do have a labor court kyaaruh but that's how it is in Nepal. Even when the Supreme Court finds some chor guilty of murder, he is still having fun as a CA member and collecting his bhatta satta. And Piyush B. Amatya is still living the good life even if he owes them banks, billions of Rupees.

I don't think 6,200.00 is enough but of course that's the minimum wage. Tyes pachi aroo bhatta satta aucha hola ni.

Our netas and their trade union goondas have destroyed everything. Our netas are not worried about them load shedding because they really don't have to pay for them fuel to run their generators ni. Ani kasari chalcha tuh industries haroo?

Our trade union goondas only know how to extort from the businesses. I guess they don't realize that if there are no businesses then there won't be any workers kya. And if no workers then how the @#$ will you run a trade union with one member?

And if they want to get more money and not work at all then they should ask their netas to find them some sarkaari jagir where the pay is freaking good (even the peons make like 10,000 a month) and you still get paid even if you don't show up for work at all.... and you really can't get fired as long as you cover your tracks kya.

Our CA members are still getting paid for doing nothing. It's more like 'No Work, More Pay' hola ni... hope our three big stooges are busy playing 'marriage' and drinking whiskeys.

Dashain pachi arko 'break-through' rey... Dashain tuh soo-roo bhayo.... let's forget all them troubles and enjoy some quality time with our family and friends... because after Dashain.. feri Saadey Saat ko Dasha tuh chadai cha ni!

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