Sunday, April 3, 2011

India World Champions...

India has won them Cricket World Cup natak.... and this is probably the best tyam to ask for them Desis for free electricity, subsidized fuel and food sood kya! Bhancha ni... when them folks are drunk then it's easy to get their junk from the trunk ... haha! Sorry.. that sounds like some shitty hip hop lyrics!

I really don't get this 'World Cup' thing when only them 10-12 nations play them goli-danda kya! I think our National League (football) lai pani baroo 'World Champions National League' gho-sanaa gardim naw! And every year.. our football teams can call themselves 'World Chumps' kya!

Anyways.. congratulations to our Desi bhais... hope them betting wallahs made a killing! According to them Indian dailies, betting nai 50,000 crores ko bhayo rey! I lost my bet set... now I have to buy my saathi ... 'tandoori chicken' ruh naan saan! Gheech mora ... jati gheech-noo cha!

And our great comrade, Prachandoni (Indian team captain Dhoni jastai kya!) called them Desi raj-doot, Mr. Sood rey! 'Bhai Saheb.. congrats..' and the Desi ambassador replied... "if your cadres had waved them Indian flags instead of them black ones then you would have probably been the prime-monster again ni'

Our organized crime-wallahs suck kya! They look like local goondas compared to them Mumbai-wallahs! I think we need our own betting syndicate hola! We already have them mafias everywhere abuh betting ma pani soo-roo garey hooncha ni!

Yes, them Indians also take bets here in Kathmandu when it comes to them cricket games... hope one day they will also take bets on our rajniti nataks as well! I think the Desi mafia will lose their money soney hola.. haha! Mao-baddie lai paalnoo-palyo abuh Madeshi-baddie lai... paisa tuh khola jastai bagau-cha hai Desi bhai haroo ... khoi kinnuh ho koon-ni?

Will our new constitution be ready by May 28th?.... if you bet Re 1 for 'Yes' then you will win back Rs 500 IC rey (just call Central jail and ask for Yunus bhai!) and if you bet Re 1 for 'No' then you will probably get gift hampers from the government ... like... fuel shortages, contaminated water, more load shedding, increase in food prices and bomb blasts everywhere!

Will them Maoists split into three different football teams? And if they do ... then who gets to wear them red jerseys kya? Baroo... confusion create garnoo bhanda tuh .. why not buy Man U., Liverpool and Arsenal ko 'home' jerseys ni!

Ani when them hooligans fight each other ... then them AP folks can take them pictures and BBC ko headlines chahi 'Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal battle it out' or something .. hahah!

I think it would be fun to see our comrades hit each other with them rod sod, dhoonga hana-haan! WWF ko cage match jastai hola ni... pita-peet .. lastuh ma chahi jo baaki hooncha uslay 'Mao' championship belt pau-ney kya!

Poor communists... jahiley pani split wilt... we have like 36 different communist parties in Nepal! Abuh hami pani sabai miley-ruh arko communist party khol-noo parla ... haha! Naam chahi kay rakhney ni? CON-MEN (Communists of Nepal - Marxist-Engels-Naxalites) haha!

Instead of them sickle and hammer ... we should have a broken bulb as our party symbol hola! Lau abuh feri arko manifesto lekhna soo-roo garnoo parla! Jai hos!

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