Monday, April 11, 2011

Doctor Doctor....

"Don't eat them meat, fish sish!"

"Okay... what about eggs?"

"Are you stupid? An egg is not a vegetable."

"Okay... Can I have bananas?"

"No, no bananas, no milk, no yogurt!"

"How about few pegs of whisky?"

"I can't believe this... do you wanna get well or not?"

"I am still smoking..."

"Me too. Smoking is ... err... okay .. maybe .. but it's also related."

"I think I have dysentery."

"No you don't... the test says negative."

"So.. what do I have?"

"I don't know... you need to go for the same test ... six times .. if you are so curious!... your andhraa is like @#$% feet long so you can't know by one test kya"

"What's next?"

"I will refer you to the gastro-mastero.His name is Kashyap."

" Kaa-shape."

"No, pronounce it again.. 'Kaa-Say-up' .."




"Got it right.. finally.. okay go to Block A."

" Will I get better soon?"

"I don't know... no eggs, no bananas, no meat , no fish sish, no milk, no yogurt, no whisky, no asking too many silly questions!"

"Thank you. Dakataar Shaab"

"And.. errr.. quit smoking .."

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