Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Same Old Song and Dance...

Kathmandu University is now open rey... after a month shutdown by them so-called student unions! Congrats... now it won't take tyam for KU to turn into another TU! Euta University thiyo ali gatilo tyo pani hamro yuva neta haroo lay khattam paar-ney bhayo!

And today, we had the Chitwan dekhi soo-roo bhako shutdown .. abuh uta batuh KTM auney ruh janey sabai bus thyaap-aw! Why? ...because a guy at them petrol pump was killed by them robbers rey! Yes.. our prayers for the departed soul but why the @#$! do you guys need to close down the highway kya?

And in Dharan.. them ambulance drivers did their bandh sandh rey... hehe... I think we should get together and organize the 'CA shutdown' on May 29th kya.... abuh pugyo... if we don't get them new constitution on tyam then this @#$!ing government better make all of us CA members and we can get them 'Red' passport and paycheck without doing any work.. hoinuh ruh?

Jay ma pani politics... and even our byaparis are now.. yo panel ruh tyo panel... haha! Yes, them FNCCI ko election ma pani abuh rajniti ghoosay cha! Our businessmen are running to them netas for some help selp. I thought it was the other way round... them netas running to our byaparis for some chiya karcha kya!

Suraj Vaidya from the House of Vaidya and Ajad Shrestha from Pokhara are going to fight for the championship belt rey! And all them byaparis from all over Nepal will be in Kathmandu to give their vote sote ... some will get lotsa note sote pani .. haha!

I think this is the best tyam for all our so-called netas and their chamchas to do some networking kya. Sabai byapari lai ahiley nai KTM ma bhet-oom pachi chanda sanda maag-naw sajilo hooncha ni!

I hope Vaidya has promised them 'Toyota' gaadis and I don't know about Ajad.. since uha ko Jaya confectionery batuh kay pauney ho... candies?

Hamro so-called desh ko hisab kitab chahi... hami 4.5+ billion dollars ko sha-maan import garchau and we only export like 1 bilion dollars rey! Lau 3.5 billion dollar sollar tuh tyehi bideshi ko collar ma po... abuh FNCCI ko naya President lay kehi garcha ki ... or he can follow our desh ko President, Dr. Yadav ko schedule ni.. baroo sabai thau ma ribbon-cutting and bhasun kya!

Lau... Amrika ma pani March madness is over sover... and since both Vaidya and Shrestha did go to school in Amrika... why not decide over a game of basketball kya? Hehe.... it would be fun and Bhaskar Rajkarnikar can be the MC like them old days kya!

And by the way, Ajad thinks it's tyam we had them industrial revolution and Vaidya is all for them security for industries and industry-wallahs rey! But I think somebody needs to tell these two candidates that by 2015... there won't be any industries left in Nepal kya! Lau... abuh good luck to both of them... hope both of your companies are not on them 'tax evaders' list.. haha!

Kehi chaina... tyo black-list ma bhaye-raw pani khaas kehi farak purr-dai-naw kya... neta haroo lai paisa pay-lay pachi ... sabai thik hooncha!

p.s. FIFA World Cup ma tuh ... I even predicted them scoreline and I was rocking .. yes paali kay bhaako... Sri Lanka ... and now Butler... next tyam I am going with Ireland and NCAAB ma chahi... I will root for Butler again.. haha!

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