Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funny Money.....

May Day is like a huge 'Red' fest for our communists... and since Mao Inc. is the 'undisputed' champion , our comrades want to stage another "We can take over Kathmandu natak"...

When you need to ferry people from all over the country and show Kathmanduites that 100,000 communists can sing and dance all day then you need a truck load of money kya!

Our Maoists are now busy planning the 'mega event' of the year rey! They are going around town asking for them money soney from our byaparis!

Mr. JammaKattel aka 'The Cartel' sent out 3,000 letters rey.. asking for Rs 1 lakh each! Now, let's do the math... Holy Cow!... that's like 30 crores! But in new Nepal... our byaparis have learned to negotiate! Instead of running away or closing down shop, our businessmen will haggle over the price and at the end of the day, they will fork out like Rs 10,000 a pop hola!

And we come down to Rs 3 crores... and if our comrades have to feed 100,000 folks for a day @ Rs 200 each then that's like 2 crores! Ani stage, sound system , transportation eityaadi... so I guess the 'May Day' event will break even hola ni!

Or you can always ask them transportation mafias for them free rides, food mafia for them boras of rice and daal and JammaKattel can keep Rs 3 crores for himself hola ni!

Every year, our political parties run around town raising funds for their conventions, rallies and what not! Baroo... we should have this in our new constitution ... every year, our political parties should file their taxes and pay income tax sax kya! This is not your bau ko ghar , yo desh ho kya bhatey haroo ho!

The Maoists should sell all them lands (khoob invest sin-vest garya thiyo ni!) in Kathmandu and invest in them buses, farms and what not kya! Ani... every tyam there is them rally sally then you don't have to write letters to 3,000 businessmen and women for chanda sanda! Use your own buses and bring your own food ni ... hoinuh ruh?

And talking about our 'new' constitution.... don't worry ... it's not ready yet and won't be until 2020 rey! Kasley bhanya? Sujata auntie ley and when Sujata speaks then you better listen kya!

The Maoists plan to do another bandh after May 28th rey .... good luck! Feri Jammakattel lay chitti lekh-ney hola ni!

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