Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good Old US of A....

Our finance Minister 'VAT' Mohan Adhikari signed this new 'trade' agreement with the Amrikis rey!

It's called 'TIFA' aka 'Trucks Involved (in) Fatal Accidents' haha... no tyo bhaneko 'Trade and Investment Framework Agreement' rey! And the last tyam we signed this kind of bilateral trade agreement was 65 years ago rey... when Pashupati SJB Rana's grandfather was eating chicken chilly, drinking French wine and dancing with the belly dancers from Lucknow..hehe!

So.. what have we been doing since 1947? Burning tyres and celebrating the overthrow of the Ranas and then the Shahs and hopefully we will have 'Finally We Are Free' (FWAF) day soon when we overthrow our netas hola ni..hehe!

So what does this mean? Well, the Amrikis want to sell us them 'beef jerkies' , cheap 'watery' beer, maybe a couple of missiles (if the Desis don't mind!) and them 'original' Hollywood DVDs and Lady Gaga albums hola ni! Lau.. abuh tyo pirated DVDs haroo sell garyo bhaney FBI nai auney hola ni Kathmandu ma..haha!

And what do we have .. that we can sell to the Amrikis and make some money? Err... nothing.. the Chinese sell everything for 99 cents .. hehe! But we can make some money if we sell them thongs (tyo Pashupati ma jogi haroo lay launey undies!) ... maybe 'organic thongs' for them Amrikis hola ni!

Well, Gaganey (not the so-called Youth Leader).. the Himalayan Java guy is in Amrika.. I hear that he opened some coffee toffee shop rey... he is a pukka byapari... nikkai batho cha moro but good for him.. so hope he will be able to sell his 'Nepali' coffee to the Amrikis.. tax break pani pauney ho ki?

We can also sell them Kukhuris hola and maybe make them Amriki jhanda... Nepzie style kya... hami pani Red White and Blue nai haum ni! If you have any ideas then please let me know... and what will them Amriki sell us?

Well, them GE folks can make billions (while we make a few millions hola!) if our Maobadis get a piece of the cut when we finally do let them bideshis invest in them hydro-power projects ni... well, we still have them bideshis investing a little here and there but if Milan Chakre dai wants 2 crores out of them 15 crores ko building suilding in his area then of course... our Mao-buddies will expect 10-15% of some billion dollar project ni!

Yestai ho.. MC (Milan Chakre) is a small fish while the 'real' MC (Mao Comrades) is like them shark kyaaruh!

And NEA doesn't want to pay the fair price for them batti satti to our Nepali hydro developers but when it comes to the Desis and other bideshis.. NEA will pay double kyaaruh!

I really don't understand... our own netas and sarkaari hakims and so-called political parties are really working hard together to drive away Nepali investors and close down domestic industries and what not.... khoi kinnuh ho kunni?

Anyways... hope all of us will be chewing them 'original' Wrigley ko chewing gum instead of them fake Chinese ones (yes 58.2% of them gum sum are fake rey!) and we can finally buy Advil sasto ma hola ni!

Ye... I have another business idea ... sell 'Dalle ko Achar' to the Amrikans... well not all white folks (except them Peace Corps crowd!) will eat spicy stuff but we have our Hispanics and the Louisiana crowd ni.... tyo Habanero bhanda tuh hamro Dalley nai besh!

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