Saturday, April 30, 2011

News from Nepal... II

His Excellency, Rakesh Sood is going back to Delhi and we will have another Prasad as our Desi Ambassador! Hope our Mao-buddies won't be showing them black flags at our new 'Mr. India' .. hehe!

Jayant Prasad ko bau was them Desi ambassador during our 'democracy' days kyaaruh! Daddy Bimal Prasad was here during our so-called 'democracy' days and Prasad Jr. will be here to witness our 'disintegration' days hola ni!

Our netas didn't like Sood because he would just show up early in the morning when our so-called leaders would be groggy with hangover sangover ..hehe and he would be like .. 'Arrey yaar.. hamara paisa sab gaye vaad meh lekin hum tumara jeena haram karega' .. or something like that!

Sood was the new 'King' of Nepal kyaaruh .. hope Prasad will stop inviting them Madeshi leaders inside them Indian Embassy and sing them 'Bollywood' karaoke or play kabbadi or some BS like that!

Both Sood and Prasad are from the same batch (IFS 1976) rey.. and both know their way around Kabul and both are disarmament experts rey! Indian Embassy vitra nuclear reactor nai cha ki kya ho... haha!

I have no idea why them Desis keep on sending us them so-called nuclear experts haroo.. baroo send us Arundhati Roy..hehe! And even Prachandoo will be hiding under his bed because even Arundhati knows that he is not them 'revolutionary' hero but just one of the many opportunist, fake communist kya!

And Kamal Thapa may be another opportunist mandaley but he doesn't change his undies like Prachandoo dada! Kamal Dai is having fun ... going around Kathmandu, motorcycle rally ma hero bandai .. without helmet selmet! I guess our traffic police were just too busy chasing them 'digital plates' wallah! And I guess he got them petrol setrol from Hetuada hola ni... for all them panchey haroo ko bikes!

And Jhallu Baba is still going around town, trying to form his cabinet sabinet... and yes, our great CA members will get their bhatta satta for six more months rey! All them good for nothing CA jackasses are getting ready for them six months extension... so I guess we just have to shut up and put up with these fools until November end hola ni!

Ani tyes pachi pani yestai taal ho bhaney chai... sabai lai pit-paat garey hooncha hola! And maybe we should also kick them sarkaari karmachaari ko arses as well! Them civil servants also want to do them bandh sandh rey because they are not happy with their salaries and bhatta satta!

And we are also not happy with our civil servants... so instead of asking for pay hike and allowances for transportation, baccha haroo ko education and uniforms and what not.. why don't these buffoons do their job well and stop bitching and whining?

Them government employees get paid more than them private-wallahs and still they complain... 'our salaries are lowest in the world' rey... arey bhatey haroo ho... we are one of the poorest country in the world kya... so if you want to get paid more then go to Singapore and apply for them sarkaari jobs there ni and then try to your tricks there .. all them ghoos-khori nataks and get caned as well ... hehe!

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