Saturday, April 9, 2011

Game.... Movie Review!

Abhishek Bachchan should go back to school. Take some acting sacting lessons baroo.... and yes, it's quite difficult when you are Amitbah's son but at least you can try ni!

Amitabh made his mark playing them 'angry young man' roles and Abhishek will do great hola if he plays them 'confused young man' roles kya! How about a 'Bihari' businessman who dreams of getting a Nepali nagarikta and then becomes a CA member .. haha!

He is not a bad actor.... only if he's in them Mani Ratnam or Ram Gopal's films... otherwise he's just another Bollywood prince doing his thing. Which is.... nothing!

Kangna Ranaut is ... I don't know... I think she should go back to the Bhatts and do their movies... because nowadays ... she is either taking too much Vicodin or it must be the Novocaine from her dentist.... kinuh bhaney ... she speaks like she is on some kind of medication kya! Or maybe that's her eestyle... haha!

Anyways, Game is not about cricket ... it's some kind of a murder mystery natak! Anupam Kher is a billionaire and he invites four Desi folks to his island rey!

A Bollywood actor (Mumbai), a casino owner (Turkey), a politician (Thailand) and a journalist (London)... all get them invitations from the billionaire and they just pack their bags and leave! So all of our Desi guests head to the island and then they are informed by the billionaire about their nataks!

The Bollywood actor killed a girl. The Thai politician is actually a big-tyam brothel owner and the casino owner sells drugs and whatever (I thought Turkey ma they make a kebab out of you if you sell them rugs with drugs kya!) and the journalist is the billionaire's daughter rey! Ekkai choti euta dhoonga lay chaar wata charw-raa mar-naw khojya jastai.... haha!

And the next day, Anupam Kher is dead.... and the 'whodunnit' begins... Kangana arrives with her pals (she is some officer for them 'International Vigilance Squad' ) ... and then Kher also has his twin brother and bhanji nani and the natak then starts to become another Bollywood BMC masala!

Where do them Desi script-wallahs get their ideas from? Interpol Sinterpol bhaako bhaye ali pattau-ney ... who came up with IVS? Baroo Kangana lai Mumbai Police ko officer banai diye hoon-thyo ni!

Them Desis are trying to hard.... who gives a @#$! about a game? Abhishek should rather do his papa ko movie ko remake baroo... Coolie II, Sholay II...or Sarkaar III, IV and V.... and Kangana should visit a speech therapist hola!

Anupam Kher must have needed some pocket money hola.... because usko khas kaam nai chaina... and at the end ... the game ends without a bang... more like them bicycle ko tyre puncture suncture .. haha!

So, let us not blame our Nepali film-wallahs (esp the so-called 'New' ones) because the Desis have been in this business forever... and they still can't come up with a good story... hehe!

Time is running out for Chotta Bachhu.... I think he should try Bhojpuri movies next ... if his 'Bollywood' nataks don't bring in the crowds...haha! Kangana should stop acting and just marry a rich NRN and live happily ever after or she would do good if she plays a 'heroin junkie' at day and a 'hit-woman' (hit man bhanya jastai!) at night kinda role... ki kaso?


  1. hahah,,,thanks for the movie chit-chat..but you missed the another actress...

  2. @Lhamo.. hehe... thanks and are you talking about the 'hawt' girlfriend of our Bacchu Jr. who gets killed? I didn't know what to write about her... she is pretty and she should ask Mahesh Bhatt to cast her in some movie sovie... I liked Gangster when it was out many years ago!