Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's About Time....

Our netas are not worried and we should not blame them. More than two years ago, we voted for a new constitution, hoping that finally... we would be on the right track! But now it looks like the wheels have fallen off and we are stuck with this mess while our so-called leaders and their chamchas are enjoying the loot!

I hope we have had enough of this bull shit or do we wait until these monsters destroy everything we have and one day... we end up without a country we can call our own?

Our netas have already made a deal... they will extend them CA ko term (at the eleventh hour!) again like they did last year and we can't do much except applaud and give them another chance to get it right! It's been 60 years since we have been giving them arseholes... one more chance to do the right thing and so far... the players may have changed but the system is still the same!

We have seen the Monarchy, Morons (the Kangaroos & United Moronic League) , the Maobadis and the Madeshi netas! The only thing them 'M&Ms' have been good at ... is blaming India for all our problems! But if it wasn't for India then Shree Tin Maharaja Pashupati Shamser JB Rana .... would probably be ruling Nepal right now!

Our so-called leaders should thank India because without them Desis... they would not have had the chance to come back and screw us over and over again!

Yes, we should all blame India because now we love cricket more than ever... our kids are learning Hindi from them cartoon shows on cable TV (we don't need our madeshi parties to 'Hindize' Terai!) and we would rather watch a Bollywood movie than our own!

We live in a country where our so-called leaders only care about themselves, their party and cadres and as if 30 million Nepalis are nothing more than just gnats and flies! This is not a @#$!ing local football tournament... this is a country... myan! If you don't know how to govern then bring in them experts kya!

And you don't need to run to them foreign pimps when we have local resources and knowledge in our own land... we don't need 20 ambulances from India, 30 buses from China, 40 laptops from the Amrikis or 50 sleeping bags from the British kya!

3 million Nepalis are working aboard... and the rest of us are here, doing the best we can.. so stop begging and if you really need help then we will be happy to pitch in ... yes, we are starving but we can do without a meal or two but can you live a day without looting our own resources, our own people?

We are being governed by a bunch of loud-mouths and it's about tyam we get our boots ready because ... come May 28th, we know that we will not have a new constitution! So, what do we do then... we kick our so-called netas' arses! And if we don't do it now then we can never get rid of these clowns and their circus acts which isn't funny anymore!

We don't need them communists to tell us what's best for us and neither do we want them old Congressis for they are mostly responsible for all the mess we are in right now! And no, we don't need a constitutional monarchy because they had their chance and they blew it as well!

It's about tyam we show our so-called corrupt clowns that we as a community can take care of ourselves.. we don't need them to ruin everything! It's about tyam we take back our country from these cockroaches before it's too late!

We don't need your big egos and shameless looting ... how long do you think your fun will last ... when one day , you don't have anything to loot and no one to listen to your worthless venom?


  1. I want to read that book please. Thank you.

  2. You can get it @ Guffadi Books in Thamel.. haha!