Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy New Year... again!

If you are a Nepali then you get to celebrate three 'new year' nataks a year kyaaruh! First, the English new year, tyes pachi the Nepali new year ani afno jaat bhat ko new year! But if you are one of them participants @ them Miss Aryan thing then sorry.... you only get two kya!

And can we please leave Tundikhel alone.... let them folks play cricket and walk around kya.... baroo let's kick our CA members out of BICC and we all can celebrate our new years' tyetai tiruh ni! So come May 28th, let us ask our netas to go back to their constituents and explain to them why he or she should get them bhatta satta while we only get bull shit kya!

I think we should get rid of the Bikram Sambat (BS)! Happy New Year 2068 rey! Hooray! At least we are 57 years ahead of them kuireys ... date sate maa.. haha! But when it comes to them other stuff, then we are probably still in the 18th century! So, if Hollywood makes another action pack movie like 2062... then we can say 'Shat up... we have been there already...' haha!

44 days to go... for our so-called CA members to extend their term again! Hooray! And our prime-monster is busy hosting them tea-party! Jhallu Baba... stop drinking tea sea... baroo show us that our drinking water is not contaminated by drinking straight from the tap ni! Go to them Tattoo convention and get a big arse tattoo baroo!

A Pakistani Embassy ko employee got shot this morning rey... lau badhai cha hai Nepal police lai feri! Is this some kind of a 'SAARC (shark attack)' week? A Nepali mantri, then an Indian businessmen and now a Pakistani... who's next? If you are a Bangladeshi then wear a bullet proof vest.. hehe!

And our great Nepal police have arrested 150 folks for sodh-pooch rey... where the @#$! do they get 150 people.. sabai bystanders hola ni! Next tyam ... there is a shoot-out, don't buy them chana-chawt-pat and hang around ... feri you might get arrested and taken to mama-ghar kya!

I think somebody should order them bullet-proof vests and helmets for our businessmen, netas and them foreign agents in Kathmandu! Yes, you could probably make billions of Rupees hola! And since we have a 'sleazy' finance minister, you don't even have to pay the VAT SAT kya... just give him a cut!

Our Finance minister received 100 million Rupees from our marwaari businesmen ... lau 10 crores so that them tax evaders could have a jolly good new year hola ni! And we still don't know them names of them VAT-chors because our government can't disclose them names shames because of them privacy laws rey!

We have a very funny goverment kya.... 50% of them bottled water-wallahs sell us contaminated water but we don't know their names... and the cement-wallahs do the same... and petrol ma kerosene misa-wot and our government doesn't care!

It's good to be them so-called business-wallah in this country... you don't need to pay them taxes, sell substandard stuff and get away with it.... this is a country of corruption, and our clowns (netas) and crooks (business-wallahs!) have all the fun!

What do we do? Well... wait for another new year to drink and be merry hola ni! Kay garne? Organize a tea-party on May 28th, drink tea and biskoot and dance and sing around BICC .... tyo bhanda badi gar-naw lai hami sangaw paisa chaina.... sabai paisa tuh Mao-buddy haroo lay ghee-chee sakyo ni!

And talking about our Mao-buddies ... they still can't decide the names of them ministers for Jhallu-baba's tea-cabinet rey! Not to worry.... they are getting ready for the final countdown so it doesn't even matter kya... 500,000 people .... storming Kathmandu ... garmi ko mausam... jhada-pakhala... lau hope Prachandoo and his gang have bought all them jeevan-jals!

We don't want our comrades to get sick ni... baroo pani chahi boil soil garey ruh piu-noo hola! Lau tuh... naya barsa B.S. ko subha-kamana sabai jana lai!

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