Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lord Krishna is here....

Lord Krishna is here in Nepal... haha! Not... but Indian Foreign Minister, Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna is here! I hope the Desi minister, SM Krishna from Karnataka won't read the wrong speech like he did @ them UN meeting, many months ago!

Yes, even the Desis make mistakes here and there! SM Krishna was reading them Portuguese Minister ko speech in them UN meeting rey! I hope our Jhallu Baba won't do the same thing when he travels to India to kiss the Desi Prime-Monster's arse!

Since the Bhutani prime-monster (wearing some skirt or something) was here ... hope he didn't leave his speech behind! Feri India gaako bela ma, Jhallu Baba might begin his speech with 'We, the Bhutani people will do everything India says...' or something like that!

Talking about Jhallu... our communists are getting worse than them congressis kya! Former IGP, DB Lama gave Rs 2 crores to GP Dada and he went on to be them Rasuwa ko MP and even... minister during them congressi days kyaruh!

And now we have another minister, Mr. Lama or 'whatever his name is or was!' in Jhallu's cabinet... who happens to have three different passports from three different countries rey! Euta Nepali passport, Euta Desi passport ani euta Tibetan travel document something pani rey!

You may say... no, Tibet ain't no country... it was and will always be.. for me... only our netas are always kissing them Dim Sum arses because they get bhatta from them Chinese Embassy kyaaruh! We support 'One China' policy rey... my dal bhat arse!

Looks like the 'international' Nepali James Bond, Mr. Lama ... won't be a mantri now but instead of our media bitching and whining about this guy... we should give him some award kya baroo! Even Charles Sobhraj would be like... 'damn.. that's slick .. yo!' ...haha!

Ani our CA members, Miss Gayatri Sah and BP Yadav are now in jail.. finally all them pressure and tampering with their passports didn't work!

Well, sorry guys... if you were them Mao-buddies then you could sing them MC Hammer ko geet seet... 'You can't touch this' or something like that.. ni!

Anyways, let's get back to Lord Krishna! Hope all our political parties are ordering them paani puri and chaat shaat from Aaagan restaurant or something! The Madeshis, Maoists and the other morons are all ready to kiss some arse rey!

But the Desi minister only wants to sign them extradition treaty so that them RAW agents can shoot and arrest people in broad daylight.. here in Kathmandu! No more hiring them hit-men and killing our so-called media tycoons hola ni!

And UTL, them Desi telecom company owes like billions of Rupees in royalty rey and they don't want to pay and Krishna will make sure they don't have to pay a penny rey!

And since we have signed the TIFA with them Amrikis, the Desis are like .... 'What's wrong with our BIPA?' If we sign them 'Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement' with India then we will probably be buying 99% of all them stuff from India and if them Indian businesses in Nepal don't make them profit srofit then our government will have to compensate them kyaaruh!

I am not them economist or 'foreign affairs' expert but I have watched them Desi movie.. 'Dil Bole Hadippa' .. so that should count naaa!

Finally, went to the doctor.. the same guy jasko cell phone rings every 30 secs... but today, his phone was on vibrate sibrate hola.. he was busy using one aula to text sext kyaaruh!

I have been given some jeevan-jal like powder.. but this one will make me go to the toilet (that's what Kate Middleton's Mom says rey!) for like 9 1/2 tyam rey and then I go to the clinic tomorrow evening for them 'wire up my arse' circus natak... God Save Guffadi!

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  1. thus upholding the indian value of "it's ok to copy and cheat"...
    video ko bare ma kuro gareko. yeti lamo lekh kalle padhos ra :)