Saturday, April 2, 2011

Country of Corruption....

Finance Saw-Chib, Rameshwor Khanal aka Ramoo ... would rather go trekking than go back to his old office! And the other Khanal, our prime-monster is confident that the new constitution will be ready in the next two months rey! Lau ... the neta is optimistic while the civil servant is like '@#!$ you.. I ain't coming back... deep-shit'.

The 'trekker' would like to do something for the country .... as a public citizen rey because his efforts to curb them corruption nataks as a civil servant failed! This is how it ends... for them folks who want to rock the boat kya!

I went to my local barbershop today... to get them hair-cut sher-cut and was reading them Nepali patrikas... a story by some former SSP about them corruption nataks in the Police force!

He was asked 50 lakhs by them neta ko chamcha.... if he wanted to be a DIG rey! Hahah... finally we have one of them cops writing about his experiences!

Well, he refused and then he didn't get his promotion... that's how it is ... our netas and their chamchas have screwed us all! I think them 'chiya kharcha' goes up as you move up the ladder hola ni!

Peon lai 100 lay pugcha bhaney hakim lai 1 lakh ... bichara haroo ... abuh sabai paisa tuh neta haroo lay lootya chan ani kay gaw-ros tuh ... hami janta lai sarkaari manchey haroo lay loot-nai paryo ni!

A friend of mine, who is them 'telecom' byapari is very happy that Krishna B. Mahara is them 'telecom' mantri ... ani hakim saheb pani afnai manchey rey... so he will probably pay off our great comrade mantri 2-3 crores and my friend will probably make a crore or two... and what do we get?

We will get them bad reception and them 'spam' SMS from Buzz with their fokatey ko Rs 40 a month for all them 'missed calls' natak .. haha! I don't blame them businessmen ... for their job is to make them profit srofit .. by hook or by crook! And when we have them crooked netas ... it makes it easy for our byapaaris to make money and evade them taxes!

I have no problem with folks making money soney! But how can our netas talk about peace and desh bikash when they don't want to prosecute them business-wallahs who evade them taxes, sell faulty APCs, build them buildings and roads that won't last a monsoon.. yestai rahecha yeha ko chalan.. hehe!

Ye... sorry ... what am I saying kya? Abuh neta haroo lai chai kasley thik parney ni? I think Ramoo Khanal should open a new political party sarty... and when Baburam Dai becomes them prime-monster, our saw-chip saheb can be the Finance minister and Home minister chahi kaslai ni?

Uhi hamro arko Dai.. Devi Prasad Regmi... lai nai 'Home' minister baw-naam-naw ! Baroo he can then slap our police-wallahs and straighten them up hola ni! Feri jaslai jhapoo hanyo tyehi nai IGP hola .... haha!

And talking about them Cricket World Cup natak, If India wins then I have to buy my saathi 'tandoori chicken' ruh 4 wata naan rey! If Sri Lanka wins then he is going to get me a year's supply worth of them 'ENO' stuff... hahah! Yes, I am a great fan of them 'Vyar Vyar' mo:mos .... but I think I should stop eating out hola... only jau-lo for me abuh dekhi tuh!

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