Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police Brutality...

The funny thing about Nepal is ... if you are a Nepali then you get @#$!ed by the cops, the bandh-wallahs, netas and our sarkaari hakims... but if you are a foreigner (white!) then you can drive without a license (no checking), walk around Thamel drunk @ 3 am in the morning (without getting manhandled by them cops!) and get them 'Royal' treatment wherever you go kyaaruh!

I have nothing against gringos... I love white people.. hehe! If it weren't for them white folks... we would not be listening to all them angrezi songs and watching them Hollywood movies. Khoi ... aroo tuh khaas kehi pani chaina sikey-ko uni haroo batuh! Well.. them only two Amriki words I have learnt so far ... 'Whasssup.. and Whatever!' .. haha!

Yubaraj Ghimire, (hamro Nepal ko naam chaleko journalist) and two senior citizens (hamro Nepal ko intellectuals haroo) got slapped, pushed and nearly got their ass kicked by them Armed Police Force jawans outside them 'Amrikano' recreation centre in Kantipath rey!

Yes, you can take pictures of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum but if you cross the road and start clicking then them APF folks will drag you in and them Amriki marines will ask you silly questions like ... 'Do you know Bin Laden? ... if yes .. then how and if no... then you better say yes or we will make sure you get your ass kicked by the Nepal police!'

Mr. Ghimire was talking to his friends .. sidewalk ma .. and our APF Rambo decided to push them around... then Mr. G asked the Rambo.. 'why are you pushing me, bhai?' and he got slapped rey.. so he got pissed and called them APF ko IGP... the IGP called the DIG and sent him to investigate rey!

The DIG didn't apologize and he was like .. 'are you sure, you got bitch-slapped and punched or were you drunk?' ... ani arko AIG showed up rey ... pachi the APF guy was sent to Durbar Marg police station for kaar-wai rey! Even Mr. Ghimire feels sorry for the Rambo... bichara lai jay sika-yo tyehi garney tuh ho ni!

Mr. Ghimire should start a Facebook page.... if I went around the valley shouting against 'police brutality' .. they will probably say 'Here come crazy Guffadi' but Mr. Ghimire is not a neta or a neta ko chamcha... he should speak up and we should back him up by asking all Kathmanduites to gather outside them APF and Nepal Police to HQ and ask them IGPs to either teach his fellow constables ... how to act like decent human beings or just stay inside them barracks and play volleyball or something!

Yes, baroo kunai din.. let's gather around them Amriki Club and sing songs and take pictures kya... they have all this 'No Clicky-Wicky' signs every where... and I just want to see if them APF folks and the Amriki marines come outside and arrest 5,000 Nepalis singing 'dohori', dancing and taking photos of each other ... outside them Amrik Club ko walls!

Nepal police should be renamed Nepal Chor and even though Armed Police Force started as a highly disciplined force, nowadays they are busy guarding our borders by letting them smugglers bring in goods without paying them taxes! They also guard them foreign embassies and them INGOs ... but why do them Amrikis need our security folks kya?

They should shift their embassy and 'drinking' club somewhere outside the Valley .. and maybe bring them private contractors from the US and guard their own people ni... hoinuh ruh?

Mr. Ghimire and his friends are hi-fi people... .so it's in the news but everyday , thousands of Nepalis get their ass kicked or are verbally abused by our so-called security folks. Our netas are always busy using them as private security guards and what not!

Ghimire had them IGP ko number and he knows them people on the top but what about them ordinary citizens? If we get slapped and harassed by them cops .. where do we go to complain?

Well, we can't all call them IGPs ... but it's about tyam... they came out with some regulation on them police-wallahs... we don't foot your salary so that you can verbally and physically abuse us kya!

And we don't need them PhD wallahs and them experts to come up with them 'ten commandments' for our police-wallahs.. we just need to make sure that these arse-holes don't use foul language, steal , beat and kill citizens aka loot, boot and shoot!

And it is the job of them courts to decide if them folks are guilty and sentence them accordingly .. our police-wallahs have no right to torture folks even if they are guilty of any crimes!

Our netas only talk about democracy and republic and all them nataks... but nothing much will change unless they commit to police reform .... and it's not only the police kya!

This whole system needs to be reformed but our so-called netas have done nothing for the people but have done everything only for themselves and have played their cards well ... to deform the system and today, we are living in a country of chaos where only the corrupt and the cadres have all the fun!

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