Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bribe, Business & Backstabbing!

Our traffic police-wallah are minting money left and right! They even work on Saturdays.... stopping them trucks srucks and asking for them chiya kharcha! And once again... the 'digital plate' natak has begun... hope them foreign embassies and our sarkaari hakims haroo lai pani car-wai garcha hola ni!

Dashain aunoo baaki nai cha kya gadha haroo ho... baroo tyo emission check seck garnoos naw... digital plate nay hamro health bigrya chaina kya!

Them only folks who seem to be doing the real work are our traffic-ni @ Thapathali ... aroo tuh paisa khanuh lai bato ma dhookay ruh bascha ... hehe!

Taxi drivers have stopped turning on their meters.... blame fuel shortage kyaaruh! The minimum fare nai NRs 200.00 bhaye sakyo! NOC loses 1.5 billion Rupees a month rey... yestai taal ho bhaney abuh sabai jana cycle chaw-laam.. baroo ban all them vehicles kya!

If you are not physically fit to ride a bicycle then you can hire a cycle-taxi .... and our prime-monster should set an example by going to work on them cycle wycle kya! And all them former Home ministers should not get them 'free ride' and petrol kharcha... stay home or get a bicycle bhatey haroo ho!

There is no solution... our government doesn't want to jack up the price , don't want to introduce them 'alternate' days 'odd-even' number plate system.... abuh kay garney tuh?

I think if we stopped providing them free fuel and maintenance kharcha to more than 3,000 of our so-called netas, sarkari hakims... we can afford to give a cycle to everyone in Kathmandu hola! Baroo.... kunai din Olympics ma pani medal jit-cha ki ?

Suraj Vaidya is the new President of FNCCI ... congrats... looks like them 5 crores was well-spent hoinuh ruh? Yestai ho... when it comes to them election thing, be it them campuses, local club, school management committee or tole sudhar samiti... you either need to bribe folks or kiss their arse or promise them something even if you can't fulfill it later.. hehe!

Anyways... Mr. Vaidya is a nice man... he is not a show-off arsehole like them Chow-Chow-dharys! He went to school in Amrika, is married to a former Miss India and likes Double Whopper rey! Okay, I just made the last one up.... but if you been to Amrika and back and you don't miss them cheeseburgers then it's not okay..haha!

Hope Mr. Vaidya will be able to shake things up ... he has three years to do his thing... but he may be the last President hola... hehe! NEA and NOC will be bankrupt then.. and we will have like 23 hrs load shedding and no fuel to import because we can't pay them IOC ko bill sill... lau .. I think Vaidya should ask them Toyota people to make bicycles kya!

And talking about backstabbing... our netas should get their shit together or else they might get a big arse whooping soon! Looks like the Big 3 idiots will split into 7 different parties hola! The UML ko two teams, Congressis will have the A and B team and the Maoists ko tuh 3 different teams to play the Nepal Super League hola ni!

We suffer from them allergies thanks to them Kathmandu ko dhulo mulo... but how come our netas are always shouting .. no sore throats, no Halls or Strepsils for them huh? The secret of their energy .. kya hai bhai saheb.. Johnny Walker Dai ko Black Label rey!

They keep on blabbering and since they already suffer from them 'mouth' disease.. it's about tyam somebody put their foot in them mouth south kya.. ani tyes pachi .. we can take our netas to the vets ... 'foot and mouth' disease ko laagi!

We really don't need them foreign hands to interfere kya... our netas are busy fighting with each other... tyo pani afnai party ko manchey sangaw.. kay taal ho yesto? I think our Netas should go back to school and learn them ABCs of politics again! And no... just reading them Mao's Red Book or Mahabharata or Gaddafi's Green Book.. don't count at all!

I think we should do a cycle rally on May 28th! Start from your own neighborhood and let's all meet up @ BICC! Ani kay garney..... well, if our CA members are still drinking chiya and having fun then we just ram them bicycles up their arses kya!


  1. bicycle taxis = rickshaws?
    hahah,given how they rip us off, I doubt we'll save any money... tara at least it'll be better for the environment!!

  2. Hehe.. yes but I was thinking of just them Indian cycle where you can just hop on from Jawlakhel to Thamel... ki chai pachadai basney ki chahi agaadi side lagayeruh basney kya!