Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dilemma...

Prachandoo is suffering from anxiety attacks rey... and he now has to drink like 7-8 pegs every night ... natra nindra laag-daina rey!

Poor Master P... Mohan Baidya aka 'Rambo' wants to stop this 'constitution writing' nataks and go for the final showdown ... people's revolt is the answer bhanchan... whereas Dr. BRB aka 'Geek' wants to sit down and ask them Kangaroos (Congressis!) to join the team and get done with this so-called constitution stuff!

And Master P is like .... we ain't going to get this shit done anyway so we will come up with this draft sraft and extend the term for like 6 months and then feri hay-room naw kay garney... but Baidya is like .. 'you suck and don't make me go berserk on you arse'... haha!

If you don't go for them people's revolt then them hard-liners will probably try to roast Prachandoo alive.. and if you do agree to them 'big bang' theory prescribed by Baidya then the Maoists will probably split into three and will be just another communist nautanki parties we have seen so far!

So when will them House of Mao split ? Well, it will happen soon .. maybe by the end of this year! The Indian Foreign Minister told our Dr. Saheb, BRB .. 'Babu.. just go ahead and do your own stuff, we will back your arse!' and BRB is seriously thinking of doing his own dance rey but of course.. he doesn't have them 'angry young communists' from them cantonments or them extortion squad in his pocket kya!

Lastuh ma gaye-raw paisa ko khel tuh ho ni... and Prachandoo is the richest man in Nepal ... I think Forbes lay jastai .. Nepal ko laagi choottai 'Rich List' kasai lay (how about Republica?) print garey hooncha ni! Top 50 ma sabai hamrai neta ruh netini haroo nai parchan kyaaruh!

And them other folks on the list will be our so-called industrialists aka 'Car Dealers' ... who have always made them Finance Ministers happy and have neither paid them bank loans or them taxes nai.. abuh kay, bank sank nai uni haroo ko, ani sabai sarkari hakim haroo pani uni haroo ko nai chamcha ani kya mazza hagi!

Mao Inc. is no longer them so-called 'revolutionary' party now! It may have waged them people's war with good intentions but ended up killing them local school teachers, ill-equipped police-wallahs and army soldiers whose reinforcements never arrived on time.

The war was never about uprooting the system... it was only about attaining power at any cost or compromise... and when the ballots failed .. the bullets prevailed! Them corrupt politicians and sarkaari hakims were safe in Kathmandu.... paying them Maoists protection money while them villagers suffered and became refugees in their own land kyaaruh!

At the end of the day, our Desis bhai brought our so-called netas together by offering them free Hyderbadi Biryani hola ni.. and out went ... Gyanu & Co... ani ... while we rejoiced and danced on the streets, our leaders forgot about them sacrifices and went back to the old game of conspiracies and khoota-taaning for their own personal benefits!

The Maoists have never understood hola... that their so-called People's War lasted 10 years (and did nothing but made Binod Chow-dhary richer hehe... Wai Wai!) but it was them Nepali people and their 19 days of Andolan that brought the House of Shah down...

But now they take them credit for everything. Yes, if it weren't for them Maoists, we would not be talking about them CA, federalism, secularism and so-called isms... so it is their responsibility to bring this CA natak to closure and give us the 'constitution' we have been waiting for the last 60 years!

The Maoists must bring all them parties together ... yes, they are all crooks but it's about time .. they got their act together! There will be elections later, you can kill each other and try all them tricks to win them elections but for now.. please.. get your act together ... because we are tired of everything!

We don't want your 'Mao' constitution.. give us our 'Nepali' constitution so that we may live in peace. If not then ... go for the final revolt and burn this country to ashes ... so that maybe we will all feel the pain and suffering instead of them people in them villages!

Prachandoo has the money and the muscles and while Baidya and BRB keeps on whining and bitching, he alone can and should decide how the Maoists will move ahead... tyeskaran Prachandey Kazi... this is the time to choose your path kya!

Either you can burn this place up or help to re-build it and let us live in peace... if not then he has to be prepared for a nasty break-up and put on a circus act as them three stooges kyaaruh and then join the rest of them UML and Congressi crooks as just another hawa-taari political party in this so-called Republic of Nepal!

Our so-called leaders should understand that when they become them Prime-Monster and mini-sinisters.. they are not only representing their party and cadres and the foreign agents kya... country and people should come first .. and not your chamchas and your stupid party kya!

And then... we will all have to get used to them nataks and resign ourselves to living in chaos forever ... hola ni!

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