Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disco Inferno...

Good job... SP Kedar Rijal for starting out with a bang kyaaruh! Once again, our Nepal Police has shown us how competent they are when it comes to them 'raiding discos' and arresting under-age dancing queens and kings!

We all want to have some fun ni.... and if them youngsters want to go to some dance party on a Saturday afternoon then kay ko problem ho? Well, the only thing our cops could do is check for any minors drinking them raksi and getting too wild hola but why are our cops acting like them Talibans?

When we were kids... them cops would cut your hair if it was lamo and you jutta if it was too choo-ccho ... so no long hair and dingo boots hehe! So .. nothing new for our Nepal Police.. they have been doing this natak forever kyaaruh!

We have had four SPs in the last two years ... and let's go through the list! SP Nava Raj Silwal was doing a fine job then he got transferred because the AIGs were not making their 'cut' from our gangsters!

Today, SSP Nava Raj Silwal walks around with a bodyguard because he still gets them threatening calls from them gangsters rey! When them criminals are sleeping with our politicians then even them police-wallahs need protection kya!

Then they brought in SP Ramesh Kharel and he turned out to be another 'smarty pants' by doing his job instead of letting AIG Madan Khadka do his 'con' job kyaaruh! Well, then he was transferred and bichara SP Puskhar Karki... didn't last even three months!

SP Karki ko bad luck... 3 shootings in two weeks but he was trying to do his job rey.. kay garne... when them police constables are worse than the local goondas! And we can't blame them SP when all his subordinates are busy getting paid by our goondas!

AIG Arjun Jung Shahi, our so-called Metropolitan Police Commissioner (MPC) should either quit or get transferred ni.... aakhir ma uskai command ma ho ni Kathmandu Valley! AIG Shahi is our jawana ko Kollywood ko hero pani... maybe he should watch few 'Cop' movies hola ... baroo do some dance numbers himself and run around Rani Pokhari catching them local pick-pockets.. do something kya!

I think it's about tyam we close down them dance bars and discos and casinos or at least regulate them... hoinuh ruh? Oh.. sorry... let us not talk about rules and regulations in Nepal!

Thousands of young girls from the villages work in them dance bars! They are exploited, tortured and humiliated not only by them dance bar owners and clients but our police-wallahs as well!

But of course.. if we close all them dance bars in the valley then our police-wallahs will lose more than 1crore a week from them sahujis rey... now let's do the math.. that's like Rs 52 crores a year... and all them local police station ko Inspector dekhi sabai lai bhaag-banda and let us not forget our great comrades as well! The YCL do get their share as well!

And yes it goes to the SPs and the DIGs and the AIG pani... what about the IGP? Hehe... poor guy, he paid 6crores to get the top job .. so he needs to make some dough on the side as well!

Maybe the 'Babylon Disco' owner didn't pay their 'welcome hafta' to the new SP hola ni! All our so-called Discos are run by them local gangsters! Well, most nightclubs around the world are run by local mafias... business nai tyestai khaal ko ho ... you raati ko business sleaziness!

But Nepal Police can do us all a favor if they stopped them kidnappings, murder and loot-paat rather than making a fool of themselves by kicking the DJs in them arses and hauling traumatized school children to them shitty police stations!

Katti nai khoob thulo kaam garya jastai... I think our school children should organize their own dance party on Saturdays.. no alcohol of course.. and maybe raise money for them schools in gau sau... baroo! And what about them adults... our Home Minister and them stupid police-wallahs should at least give us a 'Friday Night.. party till 4am' break ni... aroo din baroo 10bajey nai banda garnoos kya!

And when will our Nepal Police learn to behave like cops instead of rowdy, drunk and foul-mouthed louts? Or do we need to buy them soap and water and make them eat them for swearing and abusing them sojho, sajha janta for no good reason?

I think it's about tyam we transferred all them valley ko police-wallahs from AIGs to them constables ... to Terai! Yes, go fight them Madeshi armed outfits ni ... and save them innocent folks in Terai kya!

Abuh kati gaali garney... you are supposed to be them SLC-pass if you want to be a police-wallah in Kathmandu rey... but Nepal ma rule sule ... goli maaro! I think hamro police, army ma jaagi khana minimum requirment nai 10+2 banaye hooncha!

If you want to join the Nepal Police as a constable, you have to pay like Rs 100,000.00 and the price goes up ... lnspector lko laagi 5-7 lakhs (for jaagir only, better posting ko laagi tuh arko 10-20 lakh!).. and if you want to be promoted to DIG then it's 50 lakhs and IGP lai 5+ Crores... so let us not do the math anymore...hehe!

Abuh if you bribe someone to get the job then you will do everything possible to bend them law saw and recover your investment ni. Chor nai Chor ko desh ma Chor nai Hero ... hami sabai zero haum kya! Abuh ko chahi 'sabai bhanda thulo chor' TV game show soo-roo garey hooncha hola!

The police constable will be busy extorting 50 and 100 Rupees from the local 'illegal' parking wallahs! The Inspector gets his hafta from the local dance and dohori clubs.. the SPs get their cut from the local 'dhoonga khaani' and 'black-market' sahujis... the DIG gets his birthday gifts from the thulo sahujis.. and the AIGs and IGP.. I don't know.. the APCs and them ration thekka will help hola ni!

And our Home Minister and his chamchas get the biggest piece of them cake sake kyaaruh... lastuh ma gayeruh tyehi rajniti chor haroo ko khel tuh ho ni!

When we have problems... we don't go to them Police anymore! We go to them Maoists or Madeshis (depends where you are ni!) ... I don't think we need them Police ..kyaruh.. we only need them dalals (middle-men) to fix things up while our politicians and their chamchas mint money so that they can have more fun in Naya Nepal!

So.. let us forget about Democracy and this 'Republic' bull shit.. welcome to Dalal-o-cracy ... if the price is right our so-called leaders will sell this country and catch the next plane to Delhi... ani hamro police-wallah haroo.. what about them.. they can always join the local Bihar or UP Police hola ni.. and they won't miss a thing... our politicians and them police-wallahs will do well in Uttar Pradesh than hamro desh kya!

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