Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kailash Kher is here....

Kailash Kher will be singing them Desi songs while them rich Kathmanduites celebrate the Nepali new year! JPR events brought you Bryan Adams and now Kailash and one day they will probably bring Shakira as well! So if you want to listen to Kailash then please pay Rs 5,000 and head to Soaltee Hotel tomorrow!

Yes, them five star hotels ko khana is like Rs 1,500+ VAT + SC etc... ani arko 1,500-2,000 chahi Kailash lai chiya kharcha... ani Raksi tuh sponsor lay diney rey... JPR lay ali ali paisa baroo kunai school ko toilet banai-diye hoon-thyo ki?

And here's the ultimate 'Nepali' new year offer... haha! You get 'unlimited' drinks and dinner rey! Abuh Nepali lai kay cha-hiyo? Masoo Bhat tannai khaney ani jaad pani drum ka drum piu-nay!

And please bring your own fire-arms because you never know... nowadays you might get shot for no reason... just ask Nepal Police! They have been very productive this week! A businessman was killed in New Road. A neta was attacked and instead of going to his new mantra-laya .. he is busy recuperating @ them hospital from khukuri wound!

Baroo instead of dinner and 'drink till you die' offer.. baroo feri Rangasala ma garey hoonthyo ni... Rs 500- 1,000 samma tuh aroo Nepali janta lay pani afford gar-naw sakthyo ki?

And if you want to save money then just go listen to our 'Nepali' Kailash Kher... I think he plays at Tamas and Bourbon Room ani aroo thau haroo ma pani!

I hear them Amriki Embassy is bringing John Mayer rey! I don't know... the last tyam I went to the Amriki Embassy was when Clinton was busy smoking a cigar, eating a pizza and mentoring Monica! Ani ticket chahi Rs 10,000.00 rey!

But it might just be another halla... baroo U2 nai liyeruh aye hooncha ni! Oops.. sorry, tyo the Irish Embassy lai sodhnoo parla! Abuh JPR should go to Delhi and ask them men in green to drop by!

U2 has like 120 trucks to transport their stuff rey and daily kharcha chahi US$ 750,000.00! So if they ever show up in Nepal then I guess them ticket prices will be Rs 100,000 hola! Ani kasley hare-naw jaaney?

A friend of mine will sell his bike rey. Tole ko 'poet' Dai will sell his 3 anna ko jagga rey! I think I will stick to YouTube hola!

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