Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nobody's Business...

The fuel shortage is getting nasty... NOC is always asking for them loan soan from our so-called government ... maybe we can recover them losses if our so-called anti-corruption agency, the CIAA rounded up them NOC employees and confiscated their ill-gotten wealth and assets kya.

Many years ago.. NOC was known as 'Dubai' rey .. haha.. I don't know how much oil Dubai has but all them employees from peon to hakim saheb did some hanky panky and made billions! Well, it's not only them NOC... all our PEs share the same story kya!

The pump owners are busy hoarding or mixing them petrol with kerosene and by next week, petrol ko vow will go up by another ten rupees hola! Them tanker-wallahs steal them fuel even before it crosses the border and NOC employees get their cut here and there!

The taxi-drivers can now throw their meters away because they don't use it anymore. If you used to pay Rs 200 before... now just add 25% (vow badyo fee) more or else you start walking or hiking hehe!

I am taking the tyampoo nowadays because my office moved to a new location where them cell phone reception sucks... and yes .. them safa tyampoos are good for the environment but very bad for your stomach...hehe! Don't eat tannaw dal-bhat and get in a tyampoo to work... because them bouncy tyampoos lay garda ... you can feel everything inside you jumping up and down!

And please do wear a helmet as well. You never know kya.. Kathmandu ko bato, more potholes than ever... and if the tyampoo hits the right khaalto then you will probably get a concussion when your head hits them tyampoo ko chaana!

Our so-called netas get them free vehicle, free fuel and free maintenance etiyaadi... while we have to wait in line for like ... 12 hours to get few litres of petrol kyaaruh!

And gaadi saadi ko vow pani ... every year our government raises them taxes but instead of repairing them roads, them tax sax ko paisa goes to them netas ko bhoodi ma!

And since we have them misa-wot petrol .. them vehicles break down often and when them mechanics work on them vehicles, you have to keep a close eye on them or they might be busy experimenting with super glue and what not! Ani ustai paryo bhaney... part poorja nai change gardin-chan hehe!

Talking about our netas... they get free bokas ..sorry.. khasis and duty-free raksi from National Trading, free fuel from NOC and even them Maoist combatants get free electricity from NEA (well... them Mao camps haven't cleared them batti ko bill sill but still continue to get batti .. ani free jastai bhayo ni)... and what do we get?

We get nothing ... and we seem to be happy with it ... maybe we need to bring back Uncle Gyanu and make him the King again so at least we have someone to blame for all our problems... hehe!

Our Prime-Monster, Jhallu Baba is going to India and then he will go to Turkey rey! I hope he takes a rickshaw all the way ... hehe!

All them so-called leaders around the world are trying to cut down their own perks (sabai thau ko economy daama-doal!) and what not but our jackasses are spending our taxpayers money like crazy... somebody needs to tell them this ain't a game of Monopoly and there's no such thing as 'free' money kya!

Khoi kay bhanney... it's just a game of Monopoly for our netas... they get 'Get out of Jail Free' card every now and then and even though most of them are so-called communists... they all have them ropanis of jagga sagga in Kathmandu!

I do not have a problem if you worked hard and saved some dough and built a small house in 5 annas of land... but you really can't make millions or billions (in a year or two) in Nepal by either evading taxes, smuggling something or looting the rastra ko dhukuti!

Sorry... I forgot them jagga dalals and the tender-wallahs... jagga business is down the drain... and tender sender.. tuh you have to pay all them political parties, local goondas and by the time it's all done... you are left with nothing but ulcers, migraines and seizures ... hehe!

And there is another halla ... bholi Kathmandu bandh rey! Lau.. finally .. the bandh season has started in Kathmandu... buy them books, noodles and daal-moat .. ani chow chow kha-dai , kitaab pawd-dai ghar mai basnoos!

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