Monday, April 18, 2011


According to Swami Wiki Baba... resignation bhaneko to give up, admit defeat, quit etiyaadi rey! Prachandoo sarkar resigned because he was feeling suffocated inside Singha Durbar and he wanted to go out to them resorts and get some fresh air kyaaruh!

And nowadays.. he is busy visiting them resorts with his son, our current crown prince... jay bhaye pani quality family tyam tuh cha-hin-cha ni... hehe!

Makune didn't want to resign but then he had to .... but then he had fun for the next seven months bouncing on them sofas and beds in Baluwatar!

And now we have ... Jhallu Baba aka 'The Slapped One' and now, he is also ready to resign rey... kay ho yesto?

Our so-called communists should quit carrying them sickle and hammer jhandas and stop talking about them proletariat and bourgeoisie nataks kya! I think they should go back and read Marx uncle ko book sook!

We have had three communist prime-monsters since we changed our fb status to 'Republic' hehe... and so far two of them have not returned them SUVs and still get fuel and maintenance expenses! And hope Jhallu Baba will not run away with another SUV when he leaves Baluwatar... communist haroo tuh jhan cycle chadnoo parney ho.. kay bhako yeeni haroo?

75% of our CA members are the 'Red' t-shirt wallahs and they are more capitalist than our congressis or them opportunists (Madesi parties!)... I think they should just get rid of them 'communist' guffs and register as another 'hawa-taari' party kya!

We are back to them long lines in them petrol pumps and no fuel suel... but our communists are not burning them tyres .... abuh sarkar nai communist ko bhaye pachi ... kay garne?

If the Maobadis were not part of this 'Jhallu' cabinet then they would probably be burning tyres and gherao-ing them NOC and petrol pumps haroo... yestai rahecha Nepal ko politics solitics!

Our netas should stop talking about them 'people' ... please.. hamro kaan paaki sakyo! Baroo.. just be honest and tell us like it is... like.. 'we don't know how to run a country kya'

Our so-called leaders know one thing.. and that is .. 'how to ruin a country!'... heheh! Baroo... our netas should all go to them resorts and take a year off and write their autobiographies or something like that!

Our netas haroo ko story will begin from some gau sau ani paisa pani maroo-la and then end ma chahi.. they end up with enough money to buy them gau sau.. rags to riches story nai ho ni... the only difference chahi.. hami afnai pasina ruh ragat lay pragati garchau .. our netas suck our blood, sweat and tears and end up screwing not only us but for generations to come!

I think we should all demand them local elections after May 28th... it's been around 10 years and we still don't have our Mayors, Ward Chairpersons and what not! Sarkari hakims and our so-called parties are running our local wards and munis and stealing all the budget sudget kya!

And all them political parties are looting the national coffer with impunity while we the people are busy fighting with the taxi driver, the petrol pump attendant and the local vegetable seller!

Come May 28th, we should stop fighting and kicking each other ... because we are not the problem kya... our netas are ... tyesai lay ... we have to work together and be a part of the solution... solution chai kay ni?

I don't know... since the Desi Foreign minister will be in town soon.. we can ask him to take our netas back to India because we don't need them anymore ... kinuh bhaney yeeni haroo sabai Desi ko chamcha tuh ho ni! Bhai Saheb.. we don't need them anymore .. haha! And Uncle G lai pani liyeruh janoos hai!

Baroo send Rajnikanth to Nepal... we will be happy to have him as our leader kya! At least he won't be attending them jpt karykarams like our prime-monsters... baroo harek din euta mega event @ Rajni's .... now let us all go to Salsa Nepal and ask them folks to start a 'Rajni Dance' course or something!

And we can also train our police force on Rajnietics ... how to fire a gun (Nepal Police lai tyo pani audai-naw rey!) and kill four robbers with a single bullet, how to stop the hit man's bike by just whistling .. you know all that Rajni stuff!


  1. Hey, really enjoyed your article and felt bad about Nepal's condition while going through it.

  2. i am in love with what you post.. life saving stuffs!.:D