Wednesday, April 27, 2011

System Shutdown...

First of all, I would like to thank them clowns from the so-called Newa-Tamang combo platter gang for organizing a bandh today ... our Mao-buddies really look out for the people and the environment bhannoo parla! If there wasn't a bandh today then our great Nepali janta would have probably burned down them petrol pumps around the valley... hehe!

The Congressis want 7 states, the UML still need to figure out if they are communists or not .. hehe .. and our Mao-buddies would be more than happy to go back to the 24 kingdoms and maybe Prachandoo Raja might give Gorkha to Baburam and Mohan Baidya can have ... I don't know .. Siliguri?

What about them Madeshi leaders? They just want a bora of ICs (Indian Currency) and maybe a house in Delhi hola ni! And Narayan Man Bijukche can be the King of Bhaktapur hola! Sujata auntie can be the Empress of Biratnagar or something or she can try her luck in Bangladesh .. baroo tyeha ko Prime-Monster-ni hoon-chin ki?

Our so-called political parties promised them tourism-wallahs that they wouldn't do any bandhs and all them tyre-burning BBQ sessions during VNY 2011.. well, them promises are meant to broken bhanchan ni ... yestai ho... yeha ko chalan!

According to them surveys ..... 77% of them Kathmanduites spend them 'bandh' day ... sleeping rey! What about them 23%... well, they have 'marriage' parties ni!

Anyways... abuh May 28th samma ... bandh ka bandh nai hola ni.... even Kamal Thapa is doing his thing by organizing them 'rally' .... baroo Kamal Dai lai pani Hetauda ko Raja banai diye kaso hola?

The Maoists want everything for themselves, our Madeshi leaders want Terai to be another state of India, UML and Congressis just want to have fun ... and Gyanu Uncle is passing his tyam, playing poker on Facebook ... haha! And all them bandhs only create problems for ordinary citizens ni... taruh kasley boal-ney ... maybe someday ... we can organize a bandh to end all bandhs... hehe!

Once again, let's thank our Mao-buddies for opening the 'Bandh' season... thank you for helping the environment ... hope next tyam them Greenpeace wallahs will give Prachandoo some award pani.... and on May 28th, we should do a bandh... only @ BICC! We ask them netas to get in and then we lock them up until they finish this 'constitution' thing ... hoon-nuh ruh?

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