Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No One Is To Blame....

Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha will be leaving office soon... so I guess them corruption cases against our so-called netas will also be thrown out the window hola ni! I don't know ... hope our next CJ will be like Ramu Dada!

British Gurkhas ko size pani ghatney bhayo! The UK Mod (Ministry of Defense) plans to cut 700 soldiers from the Gurkha unit rey! Lau hai badhai cha... mora gora haroo! Them goras still have not compensated them 200,000+ Gurkhas who fought during the WWI and WWII kyaaruh!

Ye.. sorry, I forgot.. the Shamsher Ranas made all the money when they sent them Nepali youth to fight for the British Empire kyaaruh! I guess the British don't need the Gurkhas hola ... they blame them budget sudget kya! I think if they got rid of them Queen Sween then they can save some money ni!

Baroo.. tyo rajkumar William ko biha ma samosa ruh chiya matrai diye hooncha ni! I hope our Gurkhas will not offer Prince Harry mutton curry and them kukhuri gift sift if he ever goes back to Afghanistan! Janoo cha bhaney aah-fai ja moro!

Many years ago... the UN-wallahs were thinking of hiring Gurkhas for them 'rapid reaction force' ... khoi kay bhayo kunni?

If the UN is interested again then we can send our NA, PLA and APF .. sabai janaa lai! We really don't need any army sarmy, police solice kya! Let the UN have them and they will probably get paid in $$$ and uni haroo ko family lai tuh ramro hooncha ni!

What about our Nepal police? I think they should be sent to Bihar, UP and MP .... and they would fit right in kya! Maybe they can protect Laloo, Shatrughan and rest of them Desi MLAs! Yeha tuh police haroo ko khaas kaam chaina kya!

And our prime-monster, Jhallu Baba has vowed to take action against them tax evaders rey! I think Jhallu should first ask his Finance minister to stop acting like a grumpy old man! Our Finny Minny is a jackass... we know it, Rameshwor Khanal knows it but Jhallu Baba is busy ribbon-cutting that he doesn't have tyam to read them newspapers hola ni!

The People's Volunteer (PV) ko first project chahi: build a view-tower rey... Dahachowk ma! Netra Bikram Chand (NBC) says, “The construction of a garden with a view-tower, a monument dedicated to the martyrs of peoples´ war and April 2006 movement, will show what the organization wants to do."

Okay... congrats, now we know what them PVs want to do! Kay kay nai garla bhanya tuh.... we don't need no memorial semorial .. just do the right thing kya! We have had enough of them martyrs gate sate and what not! Baroo... why don't them Maoists invest in them hydro-projects?

Manpower jati bhaye pani pugi halcha! Paisa pani tannai cha... sabai jagga sagga kinnuh wa lootnuh foorsat chaina! I think ... if 500,000 of them PVs got together and did some real work then we will probably have them roads everywhere. And you can name them highways after your great communist leaders! We don't care ... as long as we are able to drive to Mt. Everest or Rara Lake kya!

And our great chairman, Prachu Dada is pissed at them betrayers and reactionary forces and blames them for trying to derail the peace process! Haha.. is this a joke or what? All them Raja-baadis and byaparis are now part of his own gang ni!

Khoi kaslai bhanya ho ... jahiley pani hawa-taari guff garey ruh.. desh doo-bau-ney bhayo yee sabai gadha haroo lay!

It's been sixteen months now... and our CIAA folks still can't figure out .. whom to blame! IGP Thakuri is trying to shift the blame to his predecessors. How the hell can you buy faulty APCs without even checking them part-poorja kya?

Hami tuh sabji, masoo, goal-veda kinnuh tuh kya kya check seck garey ruh kin-chau... kay taal ko ho hamra police-wallah haroo? And former IGPs Om Bikram Rana and Hem Bahadur Gurung chahi ... were busy pointing fingers at each other rey... haha... let the blame game begin!

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