Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Bryan Adams is coming to Nepal rey... February 2011 maa! Wow... finally we get to see some 'International Super Star' ko rock concert! At 51, Bryan will be rocking Kathmandu and I hope our own 'Rockstar' Sabin Rai will be the opening act ... jhan nai 'babaal' hooncha ni!

Adams used to be huge when we were 13... and should have been here then ni! Ahiley tuh .. Justin Baby-er ko Jawana ho! I hope Justin will also be coming to Kathmandu .. when he is 51... 2045 AD maa!

Load Shedding now at 74 hours... looking forward to Jan-Feb when it hits 100+ hola.. 2011 ko target chahi at least 140hrs hola per week! Visit Nepal 2011 ma sabai 'Tourist' haroo lai 'Candle-Light' Dinner Sinner and if we were really smart than we would have asked them 'Environment lovers' to sponsor this as well!

How about shutting down them grid srid and have a whole year 'black-out' .. and then claim like 10 billion dollars from them so-called 'carbon credit' sredit thing from them so-called 'civilized' nations ni!

Will Visit Nepal 2011 be a success? We don't know ... we are lucky to be in such a beautiful country and we can't keep on blaming our corrupt, impotent leaders for screwing it up!

It's about time .. we all stand up and say 'No' ... No to these political parties and their chamchas! While the rest of the world is moving forward sorward.. we are heading towards the 'Stone Age'... .and maybe 'Hollywood' will come to Nepal to do a 'The Flintstones 3D' !

And not talking about 'Politics' in Nepal... is like Lady Gaga saying 'I will now perform in a Burkha' or Prachandey saying 'I will just shut up and help to write them constitution' ... heheh!

I have no idea what I am saying... but Nepal ma 'Rajniti' koora ek din pani garey-naw bhaney.. daal bhaat nai rooch-dai-nuh.. hehe!

Talking about our great comrade... Prachandey is now back to his old tricks! Why does he hate Dr. BRB so much? After all .. both are 'Hilly-Billy(s)' ... well.. now they have both turned 'Beverly Hillbillies' but that's a different thing... once you get the power, you get the money and then you get to live like a 'King' ... in Nepal!

If only Oliver Stone had visited Kathmandu then ... he would have given this die-log instead of the 'money, power, women' thing in 'ScarFace' hola ni!

Well, PKD now wants to kick BRB's arse but this is them Communist .. they can't just bitch-slap each other and get it done! They have to send someone to them 'gulag sulag' ... and Prachandu Uncle now wants some 'action saction' against Daaktur Saheb rey!

Why? Because Dr. Saheb spilled them beans rey.. to them media rey! Next tyam, Mao Inc. should only provide 'Gulmi ko Coffee' instead of them beans seans ni! Wrong Joke! And then they can splash each other with some 'hot coffee' instead of always trying to out-do each other!

PKD has the PLA and the party funds! Mohan 'Rambo' Baidya has 'angry hard-core Cummie fundamentalists' whereas Dr. BRB has them 'so-called educated and intellectual class' rey!

As Swami Mick Jagger once said, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" ... so PKD can't have it all.... and he doesn't know what to do no! He's pretty @#$!ed ... innit? And after blaming everybody .. he always comes back to 'Blame BRB" for 'all our (Mao) problems' natak!

The Mao Inc. knows pretty well.. the reason they are now riding them SUVs and their 'District Committee' members buying properties all over Nepal .. is not because of their so-called Bhaa-Shawn or 'guff suff'.... it's only because of them PLA... them looting, shooting and booting really did turn them tables!

And as always, you don't want to piss of them 'Godfather'... the Desis too much! Because if you do ... then Kamal Thapa will be the next PM and Gyanu Uncle will be our President.. hahah!

Every year, inspired by Guru David Letterman Baba... I have my own 'top 10' New Year ko resolution says-who-lotions haroo but this year ... I don't want to repeat them same stuff like...

1. Quit smoking (I have been smoking since 1988 ... professionally chahi 1991 batuh ho!).. and if I don't quit now ... I will probably be ready for some lung-sung transplant by 2020! Taw-ruh tyeti bela samma tuh .. whole body nai transplant gar-naw milcha hola ni!

2. Quit Drinking ... (I am not a jadi-yaa... ).. I only drink ... every tyam there is a 'full moon' kyaaruh.. no .. am not them were-wolf or Vampire shyampire type!

3. Quit Gambling... Failed to beat them 'Amriki joints' ... Rakesh Wadhwa is probably riding a new SUV thanks to me.... and I hate 'Marriage' (game chahi ni feri!)... but I am a 'hawa-taari' Poker Player! I am never good @ them bluffing sluffing!

I think I should follow 'Aristotle' Baba ko 'jay pani moderation' theory baroo!

I can' t promise myself that I will quit this or start that... but I would like to be a good son, a better brother and the best ko pani best husband in da world... (if I can trick or do some toonna-moonna to inspire a lady to marry me.. this coming Mangshir!)... hahah!

Lau tuh.... Wishing you all a Happy Happy New Year! Hope 2011 will be a good year for all of us!

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