Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Foreign Invasion!

While our Maoists are busy trying to decide whether to declare 'India' as .. Enemy #1, them Bangladeshis are having fun with this 'VoIP' naatuk!

Every year, our telecoms lose like 100 million + US dollars rey when it comes to them 'illegal VoIP' call by-pass naatuk' rey! ....

And every tyam, there is them so-called major bust... it's them 'Bangladeshis' in the news! Where did the 'Bangla-man' come from?

We have to thank Rubel Choudhary for this hola! But let's not talk about Rubel all the tyam... or else we might have to invade Bangladesh instead of India ... heheh!

And it's not only them Rubel ko goondas making millions of dollars a month .... we have to thank our own NTC and other telecom employees as well... for helping these criminals to make more money than God!

Sorry, God doesn't have a bank account in them Swiss Hwiss Banks ni!

Rakesh Wadhwa is still nowhere to be found. C'mon people... or Nepal Police.. that jackass is hiding in them luxury apartment right next to Laxmi Bank in Baluwatar kya! How come our so-called 'Cyber Crime' Dept. of them Nepal Police not reading my blog slog .. heheh!

And when it comes them Cyber Crime Srime... our Nepal Police now wants all them 'Cyber Cafes' in KTM to maintain them log-books rey .. so that they know who is coming to them 'Cyber Cafes' and watching them 'naughty' websites rey!

Sansaar ma kay kay bhayee-sakyo .. hamro Government chahi still ... 'Old School' ... maybe if our Nepal Police instead maintain a log-book in them Thankot or other so-called access points to the Valley .. then they can stop all them 'illegal arms sarms' and other 'drug srug' from getting into KTM Valley hola ni!

My relatives are now visiting Sikkim and they say 'Wow... Sikkim ko government lay chahi jay hos... tyeha ko Janata ko laagi nikkai paisa kharcha gari-raa-chan hai'...

Maybe our leaders should visit Sikkim instead of attending them 'Climate Change, Save the Tiger or whatever' conferences in them Russia, Cancun or Copenhagen or wherever!

And talking about 'Foreign Invasion' ... India doesn't have to invade us ... they can just close down them borders and that's it.. the War is over!

Bangladesh... well, we still have to cross them Indian border to attack Bangladesh and since the Indian border will be closed.. we either have to dig a tunnel like them 'Drug Mafias' do from Mexico to Amrika... or hire them 'Kuire' para-gliders in Pokhara to drop our armed forces in Dhaka .. hola ni!

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