Sunday, December 26, 2010

Indian Army goes Nepali!

India and Nepal share open border sorder rey... and many more!

Even now, majority of them Terai ko Madeshis still marry across the border sorder! And of course our so-called 'blue slue' blooded aristocrats haroo ko pani cheli-beti seti India ko Rajkumar ruh so-called 'Udhyog-pati' sanguh biha siha gari-dinchan!

Hamro former Army Chief , Mr. 'Love' Jung Thapa ko pani chori .... so-called Raja Saja ko choro sanguh Biha gari-diyo kehi barsa agaadi!

But today, we are not talking about them Nepali Army Generals or how much Gen. Pyar Jung Thapa made in them 'weapons seapons' deal in them so-called 'Civil War' days!

The Indian Army Chief was here recently... and as per our so-called 'Mitra-raastruh' tradition, Nepal ko Army Chief gets to become them 'Honorary' General of the Indian Army and vice-versa kyaaruh!

Our former Army Chief... another Thapa, General Dharma Pal Bar Singh Thapa (wow... middle name nai 'PBS' ... got it?) ... is the only General using them 'full sull' facility when you get to be the 'Hon. General' of the Desi Army!

He now lives in Delhi and plays golf and hangs out @ them Army Club Slub rey! Hehehe... at least he gets to hang out with the Delhi ko 'bold & beautiful' and enjoy his retirement days hola ni!' ... it's much better than going to Kasi and staying in some 'Dharamsaala' as in them old days!

And what do they 'Indian Army Chief' get .. them perks serks when you become a 'Honorary General' of the Nepali Army? Probably nothing.. euta Khukuri tuh hola ni!

Anyways, the Indian Army Chief was here to get his 'honorary' stuff and he visited them Indian Pension Camp in Pokhara and yetaa oota rey!

Currently, Indian Army ma ... more than 35,000 Nepali soldiers rey and around 120,000 retired pension-wallahs!

The Army Chief distributed so-called certificates and scooters and what not to them veterans and then gave his speech.... not in Marathi or Tamil or @#$ ... but in Nepali!

He began with 'Ayo Gorkhali' and ended with 'Pashupatinaath lay Kay kay garoon!'

I hope our next Army Chief... when he gets to visit India for his 'honorary gift' will speak in Tamil when he addresses them 'Indian Army' hola ni!

Why not Hindi? Heheh... that's like telling the Amrikans to give the speech in French! Only 'Freedom' Fries ... please!

I think ... a 'Punjabi' song would do more justice hola ni! So.. do expect our next Chief Shaab to do a Bhaangra Saangra after our current Chief retires!

And one more thing... them Indian Army Chief said 'India is ready to give them arms sarms to Nepal if the Nepali government lay request garyo bhaney rey!'.

Hahaha.. Dear General.. .please ... not again! Last tyam .. India gave us them arms sarms was during them 'Civil War' days.. the 'Indian' automatic rifles performed far worse than a guleyli (catapult!)... according to the NA, them rifle haroo 2 minute ma over-heated bhayeruh babaal rey ani kay ko automatic.... jahiley paani jaam saam hoonay rey!

So.. please instead of arms and tanks and what not... give us Rajnikaanth and Raakhi Sawant! Rajni can be our Prime Minister and what about Raakhi?

Her 'item numbers' show will be house-full for the next 5,000 days ... and them opposition ko parties haroo will be busy attending them shows.. that they won't have tyam to protest srotest and bandha sandha ni!

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