Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking the Law....

Paras Dai is back in Chitwan rey... Rubel is probably hiding somewhere in Kathmandu , waiting for mom-in-law to come back and do her 'item' number!

Everybody is watching... Congressis want some action, Maoists are just quiet because they follow the 'Godfather' ko rule : 'Enemy of my Enemy is my friend' or something like that!

Yes, Paras, the Ex-Crown Prince broke them rules... but Baban Singh, the most-wanted man in Terai can be the 'CA member' and not get arrested, and we have our Maoist CA member, jas-lai our justice system ordered to arrest him and confiscate his property sroperty.. and he is walking around Kathmandu, eating soontala and badaam!

So, the best option for our Royals is to get into them politics! Our politicians are the new 'Kings'... they are untouchables when it comes them 'law saw' stuff! They can do whatever they want and get away with it!

And Paras, now a commoner should be arrested, sent to prison and we should appoint Rubel Choudhary, as our next Ambassador to Bangladesh ni!

Talking about 'law and order' , our great 'Nepal Police' still haven't solved them murder mystery .... been 2 years now.

A family of five was hacked to death in Lalitpur, a couple was shot to death in Ranibaari, Kathmandu... and when asked about them cases, our great Home Minister and his cronies tell us 'We are still investigating'.... Bhim Rawan (Rawal) is our greatest 'Home Minister' ever... all he does is ... nothing!

We had Bam Dev and that stupid guy came up with this '11pm close down KTM' law and we can't have a shot (drink ni , no firing siring!) at 3 am in the morning!Nepal Police still can't find Rakesh Wadhwa.. I know where he is... but Nepal Police?

He is hiding in them luxury apartment right next to that 'Laxmi Bank' in them Baluwatar. Yes, take a dance lesson @ Salsa , grab some Pizza, @ Roadhouse then make a right .. next to Laxmi Bank.. go all the way in and then you will meet 4 security guards! What do you do next?

Eat some Pizza and shout ... 'Rakesh come out you slimy bastard! and pay your taxes... bhaatey!' How come our great Desis and Bangla-desis are having all the fun while we are fighting with each other!

So, Gyanu Uncle ... stop waiting and stop visiting them 'Desis' in India.. start your own political party.. and then when u r them MP... u become more powerful than God (Nepal ma chai!) ... at least Paras Dai will be safe, no matter how much hawai-fire he does ni!.... the 'monarchy' may never make a comeback now ... and we hope the 'House of Koirala' will disappear as well!


  1. Guffadi, I read this piece and became and instant fan. I love your other posts as well. Brilliant Stuff!