Monday, October 4, 2010

Event Management for our PPs!

A friend of mine recently started some new venture stuff... event management company rey! Hehehe.. Nepal ma kay ko event management... sabai koora Nepali Tyam ma chalcha... jati manage garey pani aakhiri maa mismanagement!

For example, a year ago.. Nepali Congress ko tea party in Sanepa was hot news. Well, sabai janaa lai news nabhaye pani ma justo bewakoof lai tuh san-sani news nai ho tyo!

Everybody was packed like sardines fardines .... euta thulo tent vitra... sound system lai nai Strepsils cha-hin-ay ani Chiya ko taste chahi amilo paani jasto ani manchey haroo ko pasina ruh ganuaney saas-lay tuako dhooknay rey... No, I was not there but a friend of mine who happens to be a big-time sound system supplier to these functions briefed me on them stuff!

The only political party that can really manage anything is the ... 'Maoists' .... yeeni haroo lai jati gaali garey pani mora haroo lay paaraa chahi lya-chaw hai!

But of course, the Maoists get free rooms, free food, free 'other' stuff like them sound system, tents, koorchis and what not! Paisa pani tirnoo na-purnay ani tyo vendor haroo lay pani ramro sanguh kaam garenuh bhaney bhau-teek kar-wai ma parney...heheh!

But the Maoists failed badly when they organized that 'one week' long... 'Makune Step Down' campaign. All hardworking villagers were forced to come to Kathmandu for the 'Mao Fest'. Abuh 100-200 janah lai po sajilo hooncha... 100,000+ lai tuh manage garnuh ali dhau dahu nai hoonay bhayo ni!

Tyeti bela chahi... they had to sleep on cold floors, chiso khana ani din bhari ghaam ma .... bichara haroo! I don't think the Maoists will ever plan another event like this ... unless Mohan Baidya gets to run the show. Mr. Baidya, tuh hard-core Commie hoonu-hooncha!

I have asked my friend to solely focus on managing events for our political parties. Well, you may not get paid on tyam or not paid at all but in Nepal... connections matter and then you make the moolah! Hoinuh bhaney, Dr. BabuRam ko chori lai side-haanuh ani, pattau ani bihaa garuh! Taruh you might also get shipped to Rolpa ko 'Maoist Gulag' ma if BRB gets demoted and sent for re-education course again!

Taruh risk tuh linoo paryo ni hoina... so kaaji, event manage nai garnoo cha bhaney yee chor neta haroo ko party nai manage garuh... pachi yeeni haroo ko chora chori ko shaadi ma chahi yeeni haroo lay karod-au kharcha gari halcha... ali ali bill bada-yeruh kehi farak pardainuh! Jai hos!

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