Thursday, January 1, 2009

Watch your step... buddy!

2009 started with a bang or more of a dhyang. According to Nepal Police, Ranabir Sena, a Terai outfit blasted its dhamaka in Sundhara! Thank God… our militant brothers still play with small fire-cracker bombs, unlike in India where RDX is a big thing.

Was walking in the street, trying to figure out who was sending me silly txt msgs and nearly plunged myself into the railings. Looks like I won’t be having a good year. Nearly lost my manhood in the first day of the year!

When walking in the streets of KTM, one has to be aware of not only what’s in front of u but also what’s below, above, behind … If you don’t watch where you are walking then you are most likely to fall in a ditch, get your ankle twisted by the uneven pavements or get your pecker smashed into the railing.

After initial investigation, I realized that I walked away with minor bruises. I think I should go home and put some ice on my thingy! And if you see a black plastic bag, please do not try to bend it like Beckham. It might be another bomb-gift from Ranabir Sena!

Do you like Bananas? I don’t but since my gastric problem(s) is here to stay… I have finally decided to eat bananas. The last time, I ate bananas was back in 1985. Wham was a big thing then. All the Angrezi cassettes used to come from Singapore. Boney M was huge and so was Madonna and her “Like A Virgin” stuff. And I even knew the words to Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover"...

KTM was less complicated. I was a small brat but the teenage budas and budis were bunch of cool, Pre-Sunday Pop generation, drink cola and be happy kind of people. Then Sunday Pop came along and destroyed everything. Thanks to the midget!

Even your government work used to be done in a day. Well, you needed to know people then as well but it was not like in the 90s where you had to bribe everyone from the Peon to the Big Man upstairs. No, I am not playing the Panchey Baja but to me, Marichman (I am a rich man!) was and is still the best PM we have had in the last 200 years. Let's see if our current PM can bring electricity from Singapore! Well, at least Marichman brought us powdered milk!

Thanks to the economic blockade by India, we got our dose of democrazzy. And thanks to the economic and moral support from India, we got our dose of Repub(l)ic and now what should we thank India for? I don’t know. Let’s go back to 1951! Why the hell did they send the King back to Nepal? The CA elections were supposed to take place then … so we are already 57 years behind schedule. So, if we go back into the past and this is 1951 and then it's a good start!

So, let’s stop bitching and blaming our Maobaddies for all the problems. Before it was the King then the democracy-wallahs then another King and then democracy-wallahs again and now everybody is cursing the Republic-wallahs!

Sorry, we are Nepalese. We like to curse and that’s it… we don’t want to keep our neighborhood clean because it’s not our problem. Yes, blame it on the government. Good governance? What is an Oxymoron? Well, we have had the same government people (morons) , trying to milk the Ox for the last 50 years. I guess that’s what Oxymoron is!

So, let me find a part-time lover and have a nice banana sandwich by the rivers of Babylon!


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