Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 : Where R U going?

Bangladesh is back into this democracy game. It's the same thing. The same old players playing the same old game. Look at Pakistan. Mr. 10% is back in the driver's seat. Sri Lanka is still having their 25 year old soccer match between the LTTE and the government. Bhutan... well, they have a new King but the same old natak. India is still deciding how to respond to the Mumbai attacks. Nepal ... well, we don't know where we are heading but let's hope our leaders won't drive us off the cliff!

In Thailand, it's the battle between the Red and the Yellow shirts. The Israelis are busy bombing Gaza. 2009 doesn't look good but there isn't much we can do... we can just pray and hope for a better day, a better tomorrow and a better future for our children!

If it wasn't for the 2 million Nepali folks, who are working abroad... then Nepali economy would be in a much worse shape. We hear about our brothers in the Gulf being sent back home. Everybody is in a recession except Nepal. We have been in a recession since the 18th century.

The two leaders of the Himal Media attack are enjoying their stay @ the Jawlakhel Police station. The Nepal Police has always been a big joke. They are worse than the criminals. Well, it's not their fault. Yes, we need a whole load of reforms in this country and I think we should first start with our Cops!

The inspector @ Jawlakhel Police Station is a son of a Brahmin and a disgrace to his priestly class. Oops...forgot we are already secular! He drinks like a fish and is always exercising his 'karate' skills at midnight, drunk... beating up the drunks arrested by the police.

I think this would make a great comedy movie. A drunk policeman beating up the local drunks for being drunk! And Inspector Khanal also likes to hang out at dance restaurants. I guess, he must have links with the big boys because he hasn't been transferred to the villages like other officers. Everybody in town knows that he is one hell of a ghoos-khori but I guess, this is New Nepal. I thought the Maoists would skin him alive but No... it's always the little people who get their arses kicked.

When it comes to discipline, the Nepal Police should learn from their brothers with the Armed Police Force. The APF do their job well. The Nepal Police never do their job. The APF are more restrained, disciplined and have little opportunity to fatten their wallets. Whereas the Nepal Police still haven't changed since the 60s. They are a bunch of mean, foul-mouthed, drunk and corrupt SOBs! Sorry... but that's the fact. We should thank the Nepal Police and their brutality ,for without them... we would never have had a revolution every ten years.

Next revolution in Nepal: 2019 A.D. ... until then wishing u all a very Happy New Year and as Mr. Adams says "
May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions" :)

And song of the year goes to : I am a MalyaLee! (not Bruce Lee)

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  1. I love this song .. its one of the funniest song I have heard this year.. though I am not sure where Malyalee people come from.. :)

    Happy new year bro 2009... May all your wishes come true ..