Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We are the Champions!

Nepalese women are in the news again. Unlike us males.... our females are climbing Everest and now they have won the ACC U-19 Women's Championship! Congrats to our Nepali Naari Cricketers. They make us proud. But, we the Naaras are busy fighting with each other, burning newspapers and showing our street kung fu antics.

Dr. Yadav is a good person. When he was elected as the President, I went to visit him at his house in Bagdole and had a two minute 'Congrats' and 'Good Luck' conversation. This was before, he got all the President Bush like security. If only they (UML) weren't so stubborn, then we would have had a female President instead.

Yes, Sahana Pradhan for President! That would have been great but of course, this is Nepal and Nepalese politics is much worse than Laloo's Bihari buffaloes. At least, Laloo is doing a great job with the Indian Railways. Maybe, we should ask Laloo for his advice on how to make our NOC, NEA, NTC and KUKL more efficient.

Our sarkari (government) folks call the Nepal Oil Corporation... the 'Kuwait' of Nepal. Why? Well, even the peon has a mansion and just hope the GM doesn't have his own apartment in New York. The NEA...well, maybe they should hand us , free candles as New Year gifts.

Nepal Telecom officials get free phone, free internet, free shares and when we call someone, it's always busy or no connection. The Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) wants to hike our water bills. I just don't get it. Of course, we can't blame these agencies. In Amrika, the FBI, CIA and NSA can't coordinate stuff... so let us not expect our oil, phone, electricty and water folks to get along and make it easier for us.

Let's get back to our female heroines... Congrats and hope one day, our country will have a female President, a female Prime Minister and a female Army Chief and all female sarkaari hakims. Maybe, then they can straighten our Nepali male-arses. In today's Naya Patrika, a wise guy says, "We Nepalese are good for nothing. We are the #1 Guffadi in South Asia. We don't take any risks. All we want is a job and our dreams are limited to owning a piece of land and building a house."

I don't know. Yes, I am very good at guffing. But I am a huge risk taker... therefore all my ventures have turned out to be successful failures. And I don't want a job because I am afraid that folks will find out that I have no skills at all. And thinking about buying a ropani and building a house in KTM is out of the question. I would rather wait for Bam Dev's promise to give us all land within two years!

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