Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

It's exactly 6:13 pm. Let's talk about irritating neighbors and jerky religious people. At 5:24 am, every morning without fail, the religious budi-aama (granny) (next door) rings her holy bell as if the world is on fire.

Playing religious tunes with your bell, inside your own room is not a bad idea but right on the terrace, for the whole world is ... a serious threat to world peace.

Someone should knock some sense into our heavenly lady! Folks spend millions of Rupees, building mansions like they live in 90210 but can't afford 70 rupees to buy a 200-watt bulb for the street lamp, in front of their homes. And our granny hands out thousands of rupees to holy men, for their Maha-Yagas but pays peanuts to her child-servant. Where is the love?

Hope she does find her stairway to heaven!

Then, I have the night watchman for a mobile company, who has to drink his special milk-tea from the local tea-shop @ 6 am sharp. Nothing wrong with some brew at the end of your shift but do you have to shout it loud and let the whole neighborhood know that you want your special tea with three spoons of sugar? Hearing it once is enough. I think the tea-lady need not be reminded of the same order, every freaking day.

Cut down on the sugar, buddy.... or type 2 diabetes is on its way!

At 6:30 am, my next door neighbor rises up healthy and wise. I know the bugger is healthy because as soon as he wakes up, his throat-clearing yogarexcise begins. For the next half an hour, lots of ugh,ooh,hey,hoo,hak,thu,khak,thu finally enables his system to be relieved of any toxins from yesterday.

And he is a very wise person and one of the members of the Kuhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB). According to my wise neighbor, the next world war will start from Nepal. Is that so? Yes, he's been following the news lately. The Chinese Army men are busy visiting Nepal. The British Army guy was here too. Something is brewing and nobody knows what it is but our KGB guy is already making plans.

Hope his bunker will be ready before Pakistan, India and China start their nuclear volleyball match!

WTF: Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) is over. Please take out the 'mountain'. How about International Film Festival...Yawn (IFFY). There should be no awards for the khuires (give them a shawl or something!). Give that 1500 dollars to a Nepali bloke or a bloke-ni! Not happy with winner of the best film: Nepal Panorama. Wasn't happy with the last year's winner (Forgive, Forget Not!) either.

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