Thursday, December 18, 2008

Medidate for ten hours a day!

Well, NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) is back in the news. Electricity-Free environment will be extended from 45 to 63 hours per week. Maybe the USAID folks should hand out MREs rather than spending $$$ on short film competition to promote HIV/AIDS.

Nothing against our young film directors but Meal-Ready-to-Eat is what one would prefer rather than watching the films on telly. After all, no electricity... no microwave, no TV!

Catch me if you can! Indian Army folks are in Kathmandu, searching for an Indian Terrorist. Good luck, guys... thanks to our government, our Indian brothers like to play hide and seek in the capital. But when we go to India, all we can do is hide rather than seek.

After the Mumbai incident, the Desis are now busy harassing our brothers and sisters who travel to India for medical,work,vacation...

But as usual, our government doesn't care. Reminds of that Peter Pan song, "They don't really care about us." Or was it Michael Jackson?

Thanks to the new load shedding schedule, businesses as well as consumers will suffer a lot. Well, it can't get any worse than this...right! My friendly xerox guy is worried... 'thanks to NEA, my business will go down another 50%.' After all, he survives on photo copy and lamination services.

I think he should buy a stove and start selling milk tea as the customers stand around, reading the newspapers for free. I hope the customers will now pay for the tea and carry on with their free reading habit.

Ten hours of electricity-free time, six days a week. And on the seventh day, God made 'load shedding hours to 3 hrs only.'

The inverter dealers will once again make a killing. Most of us have solar-water heaters and it's about time, we tell the NEA to shove their high-voltage wires up their As. Solar electricity is the way to go. I hear the system is kinda expensive, something like 15,000 US dollars.

But don't u worry, we have USAID and other donor agencies. If they can spend 20 grand on a short film competition, 30 grand for a third gender beauty contest then maybe they can give us, the citizens, 1% interest loans to have a photovoltaic [?] system in our homes.

According to Khukhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB): The Yak&Yeti hotel owners made a killing with the World Bank 1% loans, never investing it in Nepal but around the world , in places like Tibet,Mumbai,Delhi,Singapore etc. So even if things go drown the drain in Nepal, these smart businessmen can hop a plane and then it's Adios Amigos!

On top of that, they burned down their kitchen, bought thousands of obsolete computer systems from the Indian Embassy and the insurance company got hit in the head with all these bogus claims. Way to go! The Nepalese business world is full of surprises. Look at Fulbari Resort!

WTF: So what are we going to do for ten hours a (electricity-free) day? I don't know... how about meditation? Anyone would like to try Vipassana?

Acronym of the day: MRE = Morons ready (to) eat ...
From politicians, to government officials, to small time contractors... these morons don't care about Nepal. All they care is how to make more dineros. Yes, baby... we live in a commission ko world, give your dough to Mr. 10% !

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