Monday, December 29, 2008

Prince of Darkness !

Let's see the new load shedding schedule! Monday, Area #5... Lights go off @ 8 pm till 2 in the morning. Then two hours of electricity for a milk and cookie break and then go back to bed in the dark @ 4 am. We should thank the NEA for working over time to come up with this kind of a schedule.

Early to bed , Early to rise makes a (wo/)man healthy, wealthy and wise! I guess our NEA Engineers spent their childhood reading English fairy tales or something. This is worse than joining the (N)Army or the PLA! It's like going back to boarding school.

Where are you going for New Year's Eve? I don't know. If you want to hang out with a Britney Spears impersonator and maybe win a ticket to the UK then you should be @ Soaltee. Maybe you will meet former King, Mr. G dancing away his blues. Or if you can't dance then you need not worry... you can always join the Salsa club! It might be a little too late to show some spicy moves but you can be prepared for next year. Visit and find out more!

Anyways... lotsa New Year parties around town! Thanks to NEA, there is a 6 hour break (in my area), from 8 pm till 2 am. So, I guess I will stay home this time! It's the same every year but my New Years' resolutions for 2009: Never to smoke again. To always think before I speak (especially with the ladies!). To start wearing lenses again (after 14 years)... I think my specs are turning off the female species! To build 18 pack abs (if there is such a thing... okay, I will settle for six or three!).

Okay, enough of these stupid resolutions. One thing I have to promise myself from now onwards is to think about the timing. My timing is always terrible. There is always a right time, right place for everything. I need to work on my timing. Yes, 2009. Be on time, before the train leaves.... whatever that means!

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  1. I think your / our timing has been out by at least a decade !! :(

    After all these years you finally have the brain cells to come to this conclusion : "To always think before I speak (especially with the ladies!)." God have mercy on you my friend 'cause you goona need it ..!! :)

    The surprise fact of the decade : "To start wearing lenses again (after 14 years)... " ..Interesting .. very intersting !! :)