Monday, December 22, 2008

When the remote control doesn't work!

It's exactly 7:40 pm. Our PM has lots of stuff to worry about. Before it was foreign agents and now it's immoral agents who have infiltrated into the Maoist party. I don't know much about foreign agents but yes, a lot of absar-baadi (opportunists) are raking in the moolah by using their 'Mao' links. Our PM has asked us all to fight against these "infiltrators" with determination. But the problem is ... how do we know who the bad guys are?

Gemini Supermarket in Jawlakhel was closed for a week. It is now back in business. According to Khukhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB): Gemini store in Bouddha was closed down by the Maoists but the employees in Jawlakhel were least bothered about it. But the Mao-infiltrators forced the Jawlakhel branch to close down as well. So who wins?

The owner won't be making any dinero and the employees won't get paid. But our KGB sources also tell us that Gemini weren't paying their staff much. Well, in Nepal... everybody is working for peanuts except if you get a NGO job then, you will make enough to afford a pizza @ the Roadhouse cafe.

In the coming months, load shedding hours will increase from 10 to 16 hours a day. Nowadays, even inverters aren't of any help because it doesn't get enough power to charge fully. Safa Tempo (electric ones) will be going out of business soon. Our xerox guy is now promoting his new business plan "Photocopy even when load shedding". He has bought a generator and is trying to stay afloat even if he has to spend more on diesel.

I admire these folks... small business owners , who risk their own capital unlike our business houses who receive millions of rupees in loans (with little collateral). Our small business folks are just trying to survive. They aren't making any profit. Well, maybe enough to survive but for how long? But who cares? NEA doesn't. Our government can't do much... because immoral agents are running amok, creating havoc everywhere.

Let us all pray, shiver in the cold and whine about the problems. After all, that's all we can do. And since our government is broke and is very good at begging... let us all hope that our government will beg for free Indian generators for Kathmanduites. That's much better than free Indian buses for our Constituent Assembly members.

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