Sunday, December 28, 2008

Houston... we have a problem!

Was watching Sagarmatha TV. Kathmandu now has like 36 TV stations. Well, we have NTV, NTV2, Sagarmatha, ABC, Avenues, Kantipur... and now Tarai TV. Well, was watching this bloke on Sag TV, talking about Nepal's power crisis. I think he belonged to the private sector and must be a hydropower investor.

The good thing about our government is that at least, this government acknowledges that we do have a problem. Well, we have a whole lotta problems! It's a good start. How do we go about solving problems is a different story but to admit that we are @#$%ed is a very courageous act. It is? I guess so.

Anyways, the guy on Sag TV was very frank. He admitted that our business(wo/)men are no good. They only think about paying off our government officials. And our government officials are no good either. They are busy doing nothing. Nobody really cares about the country... all of us think about ourselves! Wow! We Nepalese are learning to be frank these days.

Everybody (the other political parties) is opposing the 'thermal plant' issue like it's some kind of a bubonic plague. Since nobody is thinking about 5-10-15 years from now, we do need whatever it takes to cut down the load shedding hours. And to get over this current power crisis stuff, thermal plant is the best option. Yes, it's going to be expensive and the government will have to subsidize it. But it's better for all of us.

We are currently facing all kinds of problems because our leaders, our sarakari hakims and other 'buddhi-jivis' had no plan or vision. Everybody was and is always busy raiding the national coffers. "Where there is no vision, the people perish!"
Proverbs 29:18

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  1. Sag TV ?? That's funny ...

    with no electricity, when do people get to watch tv and how do the tv channels make money with half their air-time, they are off air ?? :)