Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holy Cow! Lots of Vow!

It's exactly 7:38 pm. The government has vowed to bring the 'Himal Media' attackers to book. And the 'Himal Media' attackers have vowed to come up with a 'bigger attack' against the same media house. Wow! Everyone is vowing .... but at the end, the howling stops and no one is punished. This is Nepal. You can get away with anything, as long as you know someone upstairs. And, no I am not talking about God!

Our Youth Force brothers in Birgunj, are getting some warmth by burning newspapers. If this is the beginning of New Nepal then in few months, there won't be any newspapers to stay informed. I just heard a guy on his cell phone talking to his mate, "utthda pani line chaina, sudda pani line chaina."

Yesterday, the lights came on at 11 pm and went off at 12:30 till 6:30 in the morning. I think even the Pentagon folks would have a hard time, trying to figure out the NEA load shedding schedule. When 16 hours of load shedding starts, then it would be better for the NEA to publish 'lights on' schedule. This will save tax payers money because you don't need to place a big ad in the newspapers. Just write down, Area A, Monday , Lights on ... 6-8am. That's it.

Oh! I forgot. Since all the newspapers will be used for contributing to C02 emissions and no TV...I think FM stations will make a killing. And if FM stations are also attacked by immoral agents then we can always fall back on our traditional news source.... Ek Kaan , Do Kaan. After all this is the land of rumours and gossip.

Our media tells us that Indian Ambassador Mr. Sood (nice name) met with Mr. Gyanendra Shah at Soaltee Hotel. But according to Kukhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB) Mr. Sood was wearing a hood and this was not the first time... it was his second visit with Mr. G! What did they talk about? God knows! Maybe, They were just talking about Hyderbadi Biryani.

And now, Nepalese are talking about another prediction from some astrologer. There is always a second chance in a relationship... but G's forehead has a third, written on it. I don't think we need the media in Nepal. Nepalese are more informed than our patrakar folks! We don't even need the internet... maybe we are born with telepathic powers.

No water in the house... had to call up the water tanker guys. They put me on a three day waiting list. Since everyone is vowing, I vowed to pay him double. An hour later, the tanker arrived. God is great! No water, no electricity. I guess perfume sales will go up since everyone would be stinking!

WTF: Now, even our Tigers are fasting for a day. Must be the Ram Dev thing!

BTW, Merry Xmas Everybody !

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  1. Hope you have plenty of electricity to write your blogs bro... !!

    S'pore Friend