Wednesday, January 14, 2009

United We Stand!

The Communists are coming! Well, they have been coming and going for the last fifty years but this unification thing between the Maoists and the Masal-eys might bring a new so-called 'communist' revolution in Nepal.

The Masal-wallahs were always busy carrying out torch-rallies but the Maoists went a step further. They decided to use pressure cookers for non-cooking purposes. The arms smugglers from Gorakhpur made a killing selling home-made pistols and grenades. The Masaleys just kept on with their torch-rallies.

Now, the time has come for the torchy boys and the torture-y boys to get together. Maybe we should invite Shakira and have her sing 'La Tortura' when this so-called revolution finally arrives!

Prachanda is back with his 'Guffs' and yes, if the people don't shut up and the politicians don't help them then there is going to be another revolution. He warned all of us that if the Maoists were to step down then that would be the end of the world.

I don't know if he is supposed to lead us or scare us. Reminds me of them cults in Amrika! The world is coming to an end and Yes, I am the Messiah! If you follow me, you will get rich ... if you don't then we will make you a sandwich!

The management committee of Mao Inc is going to be 100+ hungry communists from 35 angry revolutionaries. The rest of the world is downsizing but I guess Mao Inc's quarterly profits continue to surprise even the financial analysts @ Lehman brothers. Oops..sorry Lehman is now lay-man!

Prachanda will remain the CEO and Chairman of Mao Inc. Girija will continue to head the rival firm, Kangaroos Corp and Madhav Nepal needs to go for a full body wax if he wants to sell himself! Them shiny, clean shaven sorry-arse face won't cut it for the highest bidder!

So, folks... be prepared! That's what the Boy Scouts used to sleep tight or the newly merged United Mao & Co. will come and burn your blanket. It's a cold winter and no electricity... u don't want to freeze to death, do you?

Don't say a word. No electricity, no water, no jobs. Keep quiet, hush little baby hush! Wait for the people's revolution. It is coming soon. I don't know what it is but I hope it's not like that cultural revolution shit the Chinese had or the 'kill them city folks' thing Pol Pot did in Cambodia. Does that mean our 'Sihanouk' will be back for some time?

QUE SERA SERA...Whatever will be, will be!

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