Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bird Flu... No Clue!

A good friend of mine is happy about the 'Bird Flu'... chicken prices are going down and he can finally afford to eat chicken for lunch, dinner, snacks, late night drinking session etc.

My friend survived the last 'Bird Flu' attack and he thinks he will be fine this time again. I think he is going for a Chicken Chilly tonight. He says it goes down well with Royal Stag whisky.

'Jai Ho' ... A R Rahman is going to win an Oscar. That's for sure! I don't know if SlumDog will bag the Best Picture award but Rahman might bag two for Best Original Score and Best Song. And the 'Full Monty' guy might get one for Best Adapted Screenplay. There goes my prediction... let's see what happens on Oscar night!

UNMIN is going to stay for six more months. Why do we always need the foreigners to figure things out? I guess we can't just get along unless we get our prostrate checked by a foreign hand!

I guess we will have to tolerate another six more months of 'park wherever u like' natak by our South Americanos (UNMIN) folks! So when's this NA-PLA merger going to happen? Never. But some of our NA and PLA friends are busy looting and shooting folks.

The Maoist-Masal merger is done but many PLA folks are not happy. I think they are thinking of going back to the jungle. Maybe they should have waited a year or two. When you are in a hurry, you will always make a bad curry!

Now, KTM has become a jungle. No electricity, no water... and if our 2 million folks working abroad do have to come home then our economy will go down the drain. I guess we should all start praying for oil prices to hit $200! Maybe that can save Nepalese jobs in Malaysia and the Middle East.

So let us all enjoy a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and do a Chicken dance for now!

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