Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to the Slums!

108-hr weekly power cut from Sunday! How are we going to live with this natak? Folks are already making plans. Everybody wants to move to Baluwatar. Since there won't be much to do, lot of folks are excited about the new gambling dens opening around KTM. Yes, it's time to play some cards. The food and drinks are on the house.

It just depends on whose house you are in. If the home-casino owner doesn't have good connections with the cops then better be prepared to jump off the terrace when the men in blue come looking for you. If the cops get their share of the pot then everything is fine.

Yes, we are one of the poorest country in the world but that makes no difference. We like to drink , eat all kinds of masu, gamble and punch each other in the nose. And if you can provide all of these services then you will make a killing!

Everybody is a real estate agent! Yes, the guy who owns the bicycle repair shop is always badgering me with his 'I got this piece of land' natak. C'mon, I don't have a dime but I don't know what makes him think I am loaded.

Even the neighborhood butcher is always busying on his cell phone. I think he sees more profit in these 'land' deals than selling raga ko masu. My friend owns a real estate company. He is busy as hell. He is dealing with the big people.

Even our Hindi-speaking Vice President is looking for cheap deals. Our marwari businessmen have stopped investing in their so-called industries. Everybody is building apartments and buying whatever is left. All the big fishes are working hard to make KTM a concrete jungle.

What good is it if you own a million dollar home but there is no water and electricity? It's better to be a Raute and live in the jungles. They don't have to pay any taxes, no need to worry about water and Bijuli and the government even gives them allowances. Yes, I want to be a Raute too!

Misheard Lyrics - Sean Paul - Temperature !

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