Monday, January 12, 2009

Matrika... Madeshi Rambo!

Matrika Yadav, the black sheep of the Maobadi party is planning to open a new Madeshi party. Way to go... Good Luck Matty! Matrika is one hell of a guy. He doesn't take any BS. Tension lene ka nahi, dene ka!

Matrika was doing a good job but our Nepalese ghoos-khori crowd didn't like it. When he was a minister, he was busy bitch-slapping LDOs and kicking DDOs in the nuts. I don't know what the Bhramin Mao-leaders are thinking but if you really believe in whatever you are doing then you should be like Matrika.

He doesn't mince words... he speaks from his heart and now he has had enough of the Maobaddie BS! If you call yourself a Maobadi then you should be like Matrika and Kiran. And if you still believe in Monarchy then be like our lady-killer Kamal Thapa!

Don't be like our Congressi-UML guys. They are always power-hungry and will give a monkey a blowjob to get back into power.

I hope he gets rid of other Terai militant outfits. These Terai blokes have cool names. Madeshi Virus Killers is one of them. Sounds more like a heavy metal band! Then we have Ranabir Sena. What will Matty call his new party? Take a guess. How about Matty's? Sounds like an Irish bar in Woodside, NY.

Matrika likes to kick some 'sarkari' butt. All the Congressi Hakim Sahebs were scared to death of our Nepali MithunDa! We need more leaders like Matrika. He is an "on-hands" leader.

Most of our netas always send their goons to do the dirty work but Matrika always went alone and thrashed 'corrupted' government officials here and there.

Yes, it's wrong to slap hardworking people but to kick corrupted blood suckers in the face is a good deed. Matrika is certainly bound to go to heaven when his time is up!

Matrika is a Madeshi Rambo taking on the evil doers... we need another 1,000 Matrikas to straighten our ghoos-khori folks. But it is going to be an uphill battle and so far, it looks like we will be having our share of our 'Hundred Years' war.

I have been waiting for our kind of 'French Revolution' since childhood but looks like that ain't happening anytime soon either. So, I will just go to Chez Caroline and get me some frog legs instead.

The TVC market is @#$!ed but maybe our so-called media houses and advertising agencies can learn a thing or two about TV advertisements. Take a look...

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  1. yesterday night, I was watching a compilation of funny tv ads :)