Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where is Chori Maya?

Chori Maya Maharajan disappeared on February 28. She had gone to her friend Surakchya Singh aka Nikki ko ghar for some guff suff rey. Her family then received a SMS from her mobile.... she would come back home the next day after visiting Manakamana rey! The SMS was written in angrezi... and the family was surprised... because it was as if someone with a MA in English had sent the text rey!

When she didn't come back home after a few days... her family asked Nikki  but the lady told them that she didn't know where Chori Maya was. The family filed a complaint with the police and Nikki was detained for further investigation. The police told Chori Maya's family that they suspected Nikki's involvement in her disappearance.

But... a few days later, Nikki was released on bail of Rs 100,000 maatrai ... even though the police found that Nikki had borrowed Rs 5 million (50 lakhs) from Chori Maya. Then the police changed Nikki's statement at the court pani.

Why? Because Nikki happens to be Deepak Malhotra's sister rey. I don't know if she is a bhai-tika sister or a real one but anyways... she is connected to the chor byapari Deepak Malhotra.

Who is Deepak Malhotra? If you were from the 90s then you would think it's the same guy from the 'Sherpa' saaboon ko TV ad... hehe! And no it's not the Desi professor who teaches negotiations at Harvard Business School! I never went to Harvard but I do read them Business Review stuff once in a while... alchi laageko bela ma... hehe!

This Deepak Malhotra is our very own gold smuggler, dollar-LC scam artist turned property developer cum mobile phone sahuji! Nepal ma Samsung phone bechney uni nai ho... taruh dherai jaso chai Khasa batuh nai aucha tyee nakkali phone haroo... hehe!

Nepal ma yestai ho.. the smugglers have become legit byaparis now. The dons will one day become sahujis too. The netas will always be netas.... and our police wallahs are always under pressure from the netas to help the chors while the common citizens get played by the system!

Our netas need them dons to do them daang doong and the byaparis need them netas to make some profit from all them illegal activities ni. Deepak Malhotra pays a monthly levy to our Maoists rey. And no it's not like Rs 1,000 per month .... byapari haroo lay tuh Karod Sarod nai tir-cha ni!

The relatives of Chori Maya took out them rallies and what not .. they even collected 100,000 signatures to pressure the government to form a probe committee as well. Our great Dr. Saheb refused to meet Chori Maya's family and instead asked the sarkari hakim to follow up kyaaruh!

Yesterday, the relatives of Chori Maya ended their 5-day hunger strike after our caretaker government agreed to form a probe panel to investigate the disappearance of Chori Maya. The probe committee has promised to submit its report within a week rey.

I think them relatives should just aks all 'Maharjans' in the valley to unite and gherao the police station @ Hanumandhoka. Why the @#$! do we need a police station in the middle of New Road? Baroo sabai police station haroo pani Ring Road bahira nai raakhaw... mobile gasti matruh vitra kya!

I think it's time we start them 'neighborhood watch' programs in our tole sole. The cops are never on time if there is a burglary or murder or shooting etiyaadi. And somebody should start selling them watches with all them GPS nataks. At least we can find out where you are.. if you happen to get kidnapped ni! 

And the rest of us should go to Nikki's house and ask her... 'Where is Chori Maya?'. Hari Maharjan, the guitar wallah should also join us and we should all hang outside the Emperor's palace (he hasn't moved out yet!) and ask him how much Deepak Malhotra and other chor-byaparis pay him every month!

Chori Maya is a resident of Jaisidewal, Kathmandu. She's been missing for five months now. What's wrong with our police wallahs? There are more than 600 missing person cases haroo in Hanumandhoka this year rey... ahiley samma khoi kay gardai chan hamra chor-police haroo?

The police knows that Nikki is responsible for Chori Maya's disappearance. Maybe she didn't want to pay back the loan hola and she must have hired some mundrey gundas to kidnap Chori Maya. Yo tuh Sony TV ko CID hay-ray pani thaha-hooncha ni! Our competent cops only know where to nab them pickpockets, bike chors and other local gundas... aroo kaam ko laagi tuh training naw-pugya hola ni!

If the government's so-called probe panel fails to figure out what happened to Chori Maya .. then we should all get together and padlock all them police stations in the valley. Let the cops stay inside and eat their ration and play ping pong all day ... kaam saam naw-garney bhaye kay ko laagi police ko jaagir khaa-ko... siddhai mundrey gunda ko gang join garey hooncha ni!

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