Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Palace for Prachanda....

Our Emperor promised to move out of his Lazimpat Palace during the so-called Maoist Plenum Sell Em' kyaaruh! Them communists and their hi-fi words .. plenum ko sato hang-out session bhaney bhayee halyo ni!

And then we have the Politburo and tyo bhanda maathi Standing Committee rey. I think them comrades don't even need them committees.. after all .. our Emperor is the one who decides what to do with them lootya paisa ni!

Prachandoo returned the government vehicle... as if he was doing us all a favor! Yes, our former PMs and other thulo mancheys get free rides and what not! Moj cha hai.. hamra daaka-neta haroo lai!

Some of our former Prime Monsters have yet to return them vehicles .. laaz nabhaye-ko bhatey haroo! Anyways, why the hell do them Maoist netas need them vehicles and security from the state kya?

They have their own 'stolen' vehicles and thousands of comrades to provide security for them so-called thulo comrades! Ajhai pani pugey nuh.... rastra ko dhukuti nai loot-noo parney lai abuh kay bhanney? The Great Commander has not moved out yet... because his secretary, Samir Dahal hasn't found any ghar shar rey!

The Emperor is looking for a house with at least 10-15 gaadi parking gar-naw milney jagga! Now, where the @#$! are you going to get that kind of land in the middle of the city? 

Why doesn't he move out.... and go to Lakuri Bhanjhyang instead? He will have plenty of space and he can host daily picnic seek-nik for his foreign handlers, chamchas and other politicians who want a piece of the loot!

The Lazimpat Palace chahi Rs 25 crore ma kinya rahecha! Prachandoo Sarkar thinks that we are all convinced that he was only paying rent sent ...just because he says so.  

If he really wants to live like the masses then he should get a one-room apartment... Amrika ma studio apartment bhanya jastai! Then he can spend a month or two reading them Japanese books on how to fit everything, from your laakh-o-parney bed, gas cylinder, cooking stove, fridge, sofa ... sabai euta sano kotha ma!

Instead of getting free fuel from NOC, free cooking gas cylinder from them chor-gas bottlers and free paani from some private tanker.... his wife should wake up at 3 in the morning and check if there is any paani coming out of them khanepani ko pipe sipe.

He should go to the local gas dealer ko dokan everyday and beg the sahuji to give him another cylinder.  Ani tyes pachi .... sukila mukila ko kura garam ho chairman saheb! Sabai comrade haroo ko rato moto gaala.. janta ko tuh mukh nai suki sakyo abuh gaala ko tuh kay kura garoom ho!

If he can't find a decent mansion and 1 ropani jagga for them parking sarking then he should save his money (party ko paisa uskai paisa...) or since he is fluent in Hindi and has a double PhD in 'Desi-arse-kissing' ..  tyo Airtel ko natak jastai.. ' Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai' ... bhanya jastai.. just crash out at Ajay Sumargi's mansion ni baroo!

Sumargi was once the khatara arse-kisser of hamro Gyanu Uncle ko son-in-law. He got some shares in Mero Mobile.. pachi bechyo.. Karodau kamayo..  ani now he is the guy behind 'Hello Nepal' ... tyo pani Ncell lai bechi-sakyo kyaaruh! The lad from Hetuada is the guy who is investing Prachandoo's lootya paisa in them hospitals, telecom, real estate and media business rey!

I think Prachandoo should get a t-shirt from Art Transfer T-Shirt House (ATTSH) that reads... 'Comrades.. all your lootya pasia are belong to me' ... hehe!

If nothing works out and he can't find his 'palace' in Kathmandu then.. why not move into the Indian Embassy nai? He will have enough parking space to fit all them stolen vehicles and he won't even have to pay rent. The Government of India will probably give him some pocket money pani... hehe!  Instead of extorting every byapari in town.... baroo extort them RAW folks ni!

Prachandoo ko gaala fullya jasto cha... dherai whiskey ko choosky lay garda hola. I think he should start walking and get some exercise. His nephew, Samir Dahal can carry the chaata (umbrella!) so that the Shree Aath Maharaja won't get wet or sunburned. 

What about them bato ghato?... sabai potholes nai... wear a gumboot or Prachandoo should try walking in stilts... after all our chairman is a class circus act hagi!

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