Monday, August 6, 2012

UML clowns and their chakka jaams!

Our great 'other' comrades are now carrying out their so-called protest programs to topple the Baburam-led government rey. Our Dr. Saheb is not someone who is going to walk away just because a bunch of a hired goons shut down the valley everyday from 6am to 10am! He has a written contract with our Desis and he is going to stay put until the Desis get bored with him... hehe!

Youth Association Nepal is a sister-wing of the CPN-UML. Jhallu Baba became our PM and so did Makune! Since our Eh-Maleys are not getting any share of the loot.... they have no choice but to take to the streets and make our lives miserable.

All our sahujis who go to them gym-khanas now have to either walk or jog. Since most of them have bhudis as big as their gaadis... they probably can't run like them Ethiopians and even if the health club was like 100 meters away from their homes.. they won't be bolting through the door like our Usain bhai from Jamaica ni.

I don't how our YAN gundas came up with the timing kya.... I guess some of them are big-tyam Ram Dev Baba fans .... who wake up at 5am in the morning for them breathing exercises. And they wanted all other mundrey gundas to be up and running by 6 in the morning.  Our Eh-Maley goons will have to stay away from jaad-raksi for a while if they continue to do them 'early morning' chakka-jaams for the rest of the week!

Once again... our school kids suffer the most..... since they have to be at their bus stops by 7-7:30 am nai! And for our 'morning' college wallahs.... no more classes for the week! The office wallahs will have to wait until 10am to grab a micro to work. The only folks who are actually enjoying the morning chakka jaams are our sarkaari karmacharis!

Them government clowns don't own any watches and them sarkari offices don't have any clocks hola. I have yet to see the hakim saheb at the office by 10am except for our Dr. Saheb and the other incompetent civil servants at the Prime Minister's Office. 

Even if them public vehicles are out on the streets after 10am, our sarkari freeloaders will have a few excuses to show up late ... they will probably be at them offices by 12 and then it's tyam for khaja sajha after an hour or two ni! Kya mazza.... hagi... sarkaari jagir....  you get paid to do nothing and still make more than your salary by asking for chiya kharcha from us!

The YAN-nies are also carrying out them torch rallies every evening. Instead of running around town carrying them torches, shouting stupid slogans and disrupting traffic.... why don't you guys organize a BBQ fesitval in front of Singha Durbar nai! 

We would all attend and bring our own bag of masoo pani. Save them laathis, torch sorch, kerosene and what not... baroo buy them grills from Bhatbhateni and make Min Bahadur Gurung dai a little more richer! 

If you are really into buying the good stuff then you can buy some masoo from Tiwari Dai... Nina & Hager wallah! If you don't care if them raa-gaa ko masoo was attacked by them crows on its way to the local pasal then you can get it anywhere. What about seafood?  I don't know ..... abuh hamrai desh ko trout pole-nay ani khaney Singha Durbar agaadi basey-ruh!

Rekha Thapa has already danced with Prachandoo ... she won't be coming to the Eh-Maley program... abuh kas lai bolau-ney ni? I don't know.... haamrai Nepali 'Rakhi Sawant' lai invite garey hooncha hola. Sushma Karki is getting tons of offers for them item numbers from our Kollywood producers rey!

And our doctors @ Manipal hospital don't want to go back to work until they get their salary hike rey. I feel sorry for our doctors ... MBBS ma euta arko new subject rakhnoo parla.. mixed-martial arts! Our doctors need to learn them fighting skills because  every tyam a patient dies... his or her relatives attack them daaktaariz...! I think a pepper spray (thulo cylinder nai) or a Taser would do! 

The Limbuwan wallahs have shut down  nine eastern districts in the country. Why? Because today is Shrawan 22 and on this day, the original 'Mao-baadi' Prithivi Narayan Dai attacked the Limbuwan state back in 1831 BS rey! 

Why are we still hung up with the House of Shah? The Ranas had more fun and the Congressis made more than the Mandaleys and our Maoists have probably topped them all! I think we should just shut down the country for a year .. yeso carbon credit ki kay bhancha ni... tyes batuh nai paisa aucha hola ni!

Back to the story of the day: the mundrey gundas from YAN plan to carry out a nationwide shutdown tomorrow rey. Lau badhai cha hai... daaka haroo ho! I am still waiting for the day when our Aama Samuha (Mother's Group) will finally wake up and beat the shit out of them banda-wallahs with all them daa-doo, panyo-z, gaagri-saagri pani... it's tyam for the real 'Nepali' women to stand up! 

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