Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Congressi Gunda goes to jail....

The dishonorable Nepali Congress (NC) leader, Khum Bahadur Khadka has been sentenced to 18 months in jail and the daaka will have to pay only Rs 9.43 million fine. Our Supreme Court wallahs are doing a good job... sending all them Congress mantris to jail. I hope in 2030, we will see our Emperor and his crew having a pot-luck dinner in a prison in Kathmandu.

Dr. Saheb is not going to jail because he's actually clean.... well, his wife might spend some time in prison ... in the future! Anyways, Govinda Raj Joshi and our great leader, Khumey Raja have been convicted and will spend some tyam ... playing 'marriage' in them prisons soon.

Joshi and Khadka were the most corrupt Congressi netas during the 1990s. Well, they did manage to divert crores to Girija Babu pani... maybe that's why they became mantris several times. Both were Home Ministers pani. And when you are the 'Homie' ... you make millions from promoting the chors  and transferring the 'no source-force wallahs' to them remote districts.

Khadka is still a powerful gunda and our police wallahs still salute him .... because he promoted many of them juniors who are now senior officers ni. Khadka fled to India during the CA elections in 2008 when his gundas killed seven Maoist cadres in Dang district. 

He was hiding in Delhi for a while and then came back to Kathmandu after our comrades promised not to put a bullet in his head rey.

The Maobadis were confident that he would be convicted ... so they let the CIAA folks do the work. Khadka was acquitted by the court six years ago... then the CIAA appealed and now... he is finally guilty of making less than Rs 10 million through illegal means. Only 10 million.. naw-hasau nuh ho kazi haroo ho!

I don't know what's up with our courts.... do they have like a 'formula' for how many months a corrupt asshole will have to spend chewing zarda-paan in jail? JP Gupta got 18 months, Wagle got 18 and so did Joshi and Khadka! All former mantris and all pahila ko Congressi chor haroo!

I think our corrupt chors should be sent to at least 25 years in prison kya. Ani .. they can celebrate them silver jubilee ki kay bhancha ni! And what's up with 10-20 million ko fine sine.... how about confiscating everything they have and then send them to them hilly districts where they can participate in them road projects by digging sigging all day. 

Instead of bidhesi whiskey and chicken lollipops, they should get dui piece pauroti and black tea in the morning and then raati chahi .... duita roti ruh dhoonga ko soup! 

The Congressis went on  a looting spree for more than a decade ...  The Eh-Maaleys only managed to make some dough for less than a year tyeti bela... but our VAT Mohan Adhikary, Bam Dev and Oli haroo pani chor nai hoon. Uni haroo ko palo chai kailey?

Our comrades have their own panel now... to investigate them financial irregularities in the party rey. Yes... khoi joke bahnney ki kay bhanney ho? Our Emperor has received the most complaints... but who is going to really investigate his financial dealings? 

If we really want to send our chor netas to jail then all them personal aides (PAs) should be rounded up and  tied up and caned. We will never be like Singapore but at least we can import some canes from Lee Kwan Yew hola... hehe! After we cane them ... maybe they will be kind enough to disclose all them financial details of our great 'patriotic' netas ni. 

Where did our netas go wrong? Most of them did start out... fighting the system. Many were tortured during them Panchey days.... and then what happened? 

I don't know... even if you have been starving for a week... you are not going to finish up the whole buffalo ni. But our netas did (well, bichara.. they were starving for 30 years ni!).. well, they did more than that... kay bhancha ni... "the victims have become the perpetrators"  ki something like that.

Yes, our Congressis did suffer during them Mandaley ko saa-shun kaal ma. The comrades didn't have it easy when the Congressis were our Rajas. And today the Madhesis and Janjaatis are fighting the so-called system. Bholi ... Madhesi, Janjaati sarkar nai bhaye pani kehi hoonay walla chaina hai.... bhande-choo mailey.. hehe!

Nepal ma khaas aroo reform deform tyestai ho.... if we can change how our police wallahs act, speak, eat and drink .. then hamro system ma dherai nai sudhar aucha hai! I don't know much .... but unless somebody really reforms the police wallahs.. we will continue to suffer under the 'Chor-Police' because our 'Chor-Netas' will always use them to trample our rights!


  1. Haha! Guffadi jyu, well written. Ajha udek lagdo kuro ta congressis are trying to protect these chors by saying court is only attacking congressis netaharu! I am amazed with their dare!

  2. All the congressis, emales and the maobadi netas should be checked.... might be seeing around 601+ netas in jail for 1.5 years and a fine of around 1m each.... let's see the future