Saturday, June 2, 2012

Take to the streets....

The Nepali Congress (NC) ko President, Skinny Santa Claus, Sushil Da has directed all NC cadres, chamchas and chors to take to the streets rey. Yes, our grand old party wallahs want to do them chakka jam, burn tyres and make our lives miserable because they are not happy with our comrades.

CPN-UML ko pani haa-lat tyestai cha. The so-called communists want to carry out nationwide shut down so that our Dr. Saheb will step down and the budo parties can then form a government and make some moolah! And what does our smarty pant do? He goes off to Dhulikhel with Hisila Didi for some rest sest. Kya ho... jhan Baburam dai lai hotel sotel ma soot-noo par-daina bhaneko... hamro Emperor ko eestyle chor-nuh laagey-cha ni!

When will the 'real' people take to the streets and kick some arse? I think we have had enough of them 'fake netas' and their cadres who don't give a rat's arse about any ideology ... they just want to get some 'free' lunch and get some money from the state treasury.

And we don't even need them bideshis to interfere kya... our netas are busy fighting with each other. Why don't they just shut the @#!$ up and break up and form their own parties ni. Our communists haroo sabai 'wild capitalists' haroo hoon. I hope they will have the courage to come out of them closets and change their party ko naam saam baroo!

Kamal Thapa actually doesn't really care if we go back to 'Lord Vishnu' days... he is like the rest of them pancheys.... still acting like he is a neta or something. I mean... why is Pashupati SJB Rana stilll wearing daura-surwal and hanging out at the Reporter's Club bhanya. Nepal Gas bechi halyo 44 crores ma .... abuh India tiruh jaaney ni Sasuraali ani spend your days hunting sunting like them Shree Tins!

Nepal Police can't figure out who shot Bam? The Supreme Court Justice was shot four times and he died in Norvic. I think it would be easier for our cops if they just blamed it on some Indian gang ni. Then they won't have to act like they are doing some hawa-tari investigation!

Bam was a controversial judge. He freed them apaharan-kaaris rey.... but now our judges and sarkaari hakims and even netas are going around town telling us that Bam was a good man. Our incompetent police wallahs think that it has nothing to do with politics and tyo 'Nepal Baad' party ko pamphlet they found at the murder site was some trick by them shooters rey. I think our cops should just hangout at Bagmati and smell a rat or two hola!

Kehi laa-gey nuh bhaney, our cops will arrest two mundrey gundas and then close the 'Bam' murder case hola ni. Talking about mundrey gunas, our dai, Milan Chakre is in the news again. Our central jail wallahs found 'Class A' kidnapper Shetty with Rs 2 lakhs. When the cops questioned the Indian gunda, he told them that the dough belonged to Chakre Dai.

And what does Chakre Dai do? He tells the cops 'I am a gangster... if I don't have some dineros then how the @#$! am I supposed to be a gangster?' .... jail vitra Rs 2 lakhs cha, baahira kati hola hamro Chakre dai ko. Abuh Chakre dai batuh chiya-kharcha aye pachi choo laag-nai paryo ni!

And finally the 'indigenous' crowd ko aankha khulay cha. CPN-UML ko jan-jaati neta haroo abuh afnai party kholney rey. Good for them.... hope they win some seats in the next CA election and then they can get some lucrative ministries and make some money. Hope they won't be like our Madhesi netas.... who made billions but haven't done anything for Madhes so far.

Nanda Kishore Pun, the former chief of PLA (ahiley pani ho kya) is sick. He has them kidney problems rey. But he doesn't want to go to India for further treatment rey. Jay bhaye pani maannu parcha hai Pasang dai lai! Most of our clowns would demand an air ambulance and free medical kharcha from the state ni.

And Hosni Mubarak has become the first Arab leader who got kicked out (alive!) and appeared before a regular court (tyo pani wheelchair ma!) and has now been sentenced to life in prison. At least, he is not getting the death penalty and there won't be any videos like Saddam Uncle ni!

Aung San Suu Kyi has urged them foreigners to invest in the people and not help them military wallahs make more money and destroy the country's resources. She believes that vocational trainings would do much better for the people than higher education and stuff.

Hamro Nepal ma pani tyehi ho.... Hawa taal ma university kholney ani paisa kum-lau-ney bhanda ... baroo harek VDC ma euta sano vocational training school kholey hooncha. If we can at least teach our folks some plumbing, painting, welding and cooking skills then they would probably get paid more overseas ni.

Not everyone has the dimaag to solve some crazy theorems ni. And we don't need millions of political analysts hehe! Baroo sabai lai euta gamala ma bhaye pani tamatar umar-nuw sikayo bhaney bholi gol-bheda ko achar tuh khaa-nuh paucha ni... ki kaso? Eh Luh euta hawa idea... the government can give us all a gamala and then we all grow dalley kya. Abuh sabji, masoo kinnuh saki daina, baroo bhaat sanguh dalley bhaye pani khaaney ni!

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