Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RIP Dalley Sarkar!

Sharad Chandra Shah is dead. He was once considered to be the member of the 'Bhumigot Giroh'... and was accused of making some moolah by engaging in all them illegal activities. Sharad dai was a hard-core panchey ... and all them martial arts athletes haroo chahi were used as them mundrey gundas during the Panchayti elections and what not!

But we should thank Sharad dai for building them stadiums around the country because we are still using them even though half of them are now used for gai-bhaisiz kyaaruh! He didn't have to deal with 26 other political parties, all asking for some 'cut' when he was heading the National Sports Council. He was also the President of Nepal Olympic Committee kyaaruh. Today, all them sports bodies ma politics and sabai lai chiya kharcha dinoo parney!

Then we had the so-called 'Democracy' days. The Congressis acted like hungry and angry kids at the candy store and decided to recruit their own cadres in them sports bodies kyaaruh. Well, it was everywhere... look at Nepal Airlines today or Khanepaani or NOC..... our Congressis did manage to loot them all hagi!

When 'Democracy' came, the Congressis even looted Sharad dai's house pani. They didn't find any soon ko dalla or a tankie full of hashish as they had expected. Only family photo albums and looga fataa but Sharad dai moved to Singapore kyaaruh.

He may have been a chaturey but we have to thank him for all them stuff he had done for Nepali sports hai. We even won like 8 bronze medals during the 10th Asian Games in South Korea back in 1986. Tyes pachi tuh, our so-called sports officials decided to use them funds for themselves and their families while our athletes got nothing but dui cup channa and euta anda for their trainings kyaaruh!

I met Sharad dai when I was a student in Singapore. Tyeti bela, Zouk was just starting... was the place to be after 6pm and everybody was popping pills. Khoi kay bhancha tyo X-tuh-see etiyaadi hehe! No, I did not meet Sharad dai in some clubs. I was at a hotel where they were featuring 'Nepali food' .. so I decide to eat some Daal Bhaat ... Orchard Road ko kun chai hotel ma ho!

My friends were like ... 'that dalley is Sharad Chandra Shah' .. he didn't look intimidating .... our Nepali press had written stories about him and we thought he looked like some gangster or something! Here was this man, barely five foot tall dancing with his mistress.... who was like 5'8 hola! She was hawt.... and she happened to be his secretary when he was the President of Nepal Olympic Committee rey!

So when he decided to move to Singapore, he brought along his mistress pani. Anyways, Sharad Chandra Shah did not live like a cousin of Sultan of Brunei. Nepali media wallah had written stories about how he took like millions of dollars with him when he ran away to Singapore. He lived in a two bedroom apartment ani pachi he shifted to a one-bedroom condominium kyaaruh.

He went around town giving them talk salk... about Nepal and South East Asia kyaaruh... that's how he survived in Singapore. Some of my friends called him 'Dalley' ... some of my chaap-loosi friends called him .. 'Sarkar' ... ani after a while, he was known as 'Dalley Sarkar' ...although nobody said that to him in his face ni!

After Gyanu Uncle decided to be a Nepali 'Napoleon' ....Sharad dai came back and tried his best to make 'G' man more user-friendly hola .... hehe! He wasn't successful but he tried his best. I still think Gyanu Uncle would have stayed at Narayanhiti if he had decided to take only Re 1 as chiya kharcha from the state treasury and followed a page or two from the Thai monarchy ko playbook. Or even did a cut&paste thing from the UK monarchy kya.

But of course Gyanu uncle decided to surround himself with hard-core pancheys and mandaleys. I mean..... Jagat Gauchan dai lai pani mantri bana-yo... haha! I think Jagat dai should have stayed back in Japan and walked around with the Yakuzas instead of coming back kya.

But everybody wants to come back ni. Some of us come back because we think we can do something for our desh sesh.... but if you are politically connected then you come back so that you can get some free money and live like Kings or Queens... ask Sujata didi.... she came back from Germany and made billions! If she was still in Germany then she would still be eating only sauerkraut and drinking German beer hola ni!

Anyways, I found Sharad Dai.... down to earth ... and he liked to drink and dance and he looked like Danny Devito heheh..... but ek din sabai lai jaanooo cha. RIP Dalley Sarkar.... thanks for the stadiums and doing your part for Nepali sports.... and thanks for using them martial arts khiladis for them daang doong. Sabai lai chiya kharcha cha-hincha ni! Even today, many Karate, Judo, Tie-Condo players still moonlight as bouncers, bodyguards and also as gundas during them elections kya!

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